STORMRULER Under the Burning Eclipse

Stormruler is a newcomer on the scene but yet the band has already signed a deal with Napalm Records. These two guys are coming from US and definitely one could sense in their style that they’re not European band, especially that they don’t come from eastern Europe. One thing is for sure they are one of the most original acts that I’ve a chance to checked out during last decade that are coming from US. If you are expecting some sort of atmospheric slow black metal which is very popular in US during last decade this is surly something very different.

From the very first riffs one could sense strong 90s vibes, there’s no questions about it. Various bands could come on my mind from Dark Funeral to Dawn. While the music of Stormruler dwells within aggressive black metal on the other hands the lyrics are dark fantasy alike. So, that’s make even more unique this group. The music is brutal, fast but also melodic in a way. I think that their sound is closer to Swedish black metal scene than to Norwegian one. If you are just about to check out their stuff you could be easily tricked that this one was record like 25 years ago without any doubt. Anyway, I guess that isolation has helped in a way to these guys to record something more unique and special.

Technically speaking Stormruler brings something refreshing on the scene, its not so new, but more unique I would say. If we are observing technical side of the bands everything stand on its own place from the production to brutal and killer riffing to great drums.

So, if you would like to check out something refreshing and if you are a lover of 90s black metal, or if you love fantasy metal, I strongly record a brand new record Under the Burning Eclipse. Of course, this is just a debut record so there’s a lot place and space for the improvement but for a debut offering you will be able to hear some really good stuff here. Very soon we will have the interview with Stormruler on our pages.

Marko Miranovic (8)

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