Stellar Tomb proudly represent the quality in metal music from southern Serbia areas, and my home
town Niš, and also listening to them live beforehand, I was really intrigued for their
next studio song, called Hypnos.

As far as I know how this band’s songs sounds live, I expected for this song so sounds
a bit different then the debug one, Shadowtheater, as it turned out to be the case.
Not much to say that differs this song from the debut one in terms of the production.
It sounds sharp on vocals, which are a big plus to me, and the instruments are easily
differ in the whole song’s sound, which are also improved from the first song, at least
for my taste.

Now, for the actual song sound, it from the song structure perspective are also more
interesting to me then the first debut song, since it turned out to be a structure of
essential metal songs, with a easily spotting choruses/verses/bridges, and also a very
nice solo part.
Well executed in the terms of instruments combinations also. The instruments are not
overlaping but having very gentle space between the melodies, riffs, drums, bass sound
and so on.
There is very precious touch for me in this songs in terms of melodies of the guitars,
especially the begining clean melodies, switches on the riffs, and combination with drum
parts. It drives the song in a great way, such to say as a hit of a song that can be listened
on it’s own, and have the catchiness of it stand in your brain for quite some time, but also
the song has a note of being very progressive and a story to tell type of a song. The mixture
of both is the key here.
Last but not the least, and especially the most important thing in the songs for me, which are
vocals and lyrics. The thing that they did the clean and harsh vocals in the same time for the
chorus is my favorit thing in this song.
The lyrics as I could get are of the melancholic type, speaking of great insomnia and a god of
sleep, Hypnos, and a struggle to get final rest of sleep. A simple to get but strong naration,
I must say.

The final words for Hypnos, and proud second song of Stellar Tomb band, would be that not a lot of
effort is needed to digest this song. For the difference with the first, yes it’s simpler in terms
of structure and progression, but also more catchy, more melodic, and more compact experience. Depends
of the musical taste, some may find lacking of the feel like the first song, Shadowtheater, but the
other may find it more interesting. For me, it’s a great experience nonetheless.

“Come Hypnos, come to me” – Stellar Tomb

Nikola Obradovic (9.5)

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