Danish cult band Artillery is a paradox unto itself: for a band that is present one way or another for 40 years they show no signs of slowing down and yet they manage to overcome any obstacle that is thrown their way effortlessly . One of the worst yet is passing of Morten Stutzer. long time guitar player and brother of Michael, which is one of the worst things that could happen to any band. Yet Artillery quickly filled in the ranks with Kraen Meier, and even though the pandemics stormed the Earth they are once again here with their tenth album aptly titled X. Maybe the album title is not that inventive but the music on display shows that Artillery is alive as ever which will be clear to you from the moment the opening track The Devil’s Symphony kicks in. Artillery is well known to walk the fine line between thrash, power and traditional metal and mentioned track will show you all the marks of this troop in a nutshell. X is 4th album with Michael Bastholm Dahl behind the microphone and by now we can clearly say that he found his place in the overall sound picture. His delivery is very clean, closer to some power metal than thrashing that is often used during X but yet somehow he fits like a glove into the music. As I have already mentioned, the music found on X is a mixture of different metal subgenres but I somehow feel that Artillery is at their best when they put pedal to the metal without sacrificing the melody they are well known for. It is so great to see that the band is as healthy as ever despite all the obstacles and even though Artillery’s classic albums have stayed behind them they are churning one solid album after another – and X is no exception. When you add to that all that was mentioned above you can give one more plus in Artillery’s book for X.

Metal Blade Records CD
Srecko Sitic (8)

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