VULTURE Dealin’ Death

Oh damn, what a killer attack from Vulture! When I listen to their third full length entitled Dealin’ Death, it seems that its predecessor – also very solid Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves – was just a preparation for this one. The thing is, German speedsters’ debut album The Guillotine was all out metal fast attack but already on their next album Vulture branched out with different tempos and songs structures (without losing their savage spirit, needless to say). Now Dealin’ Death is here and it expands even further on this path. What does that mean? Only that Vulture became even better at what they initially started on the previous album, as simple as that! The song structures are better, the songs are catchier and everything just flows better. As it was already the case before, Vulture tried out their craft in slower mid tempo bangers just to add some variety in their albums, just take the killer Below the Mausoleum for the proof of my words and you will see what I mean. Cleverly switching tempos while always being in gigantic headbang mode, it just perfectly shows what am I speaking about. On the other hand, Vulture did not forget how to bash your brains out as the opening track Malicious Souls will show you (with an iron fist). I have selected those two songs to show you what this album has to offer but in 9 songs plus intro you will travel between those two extremes and always keep the music interesting. It should be said that the band even incorporated some pure clean vocals and it works very good, upping the ante in earworm factor. Fear not my bullet belt wearing friends as this is not the description of some album where the band goes all mature and grown up on us, Vulture is still pure metal mania incarnated as that attitude just oozes from this album. It is just that they have found the way to be a bit varied in their kick without sacrificing their craziness. All in all, Dealin’ Death is just great traditional metal attack and all people into classic 80s metal of various subgenres are well advised to check this one out.

Metal Blade Records CD

Trifunovic Slobodan (8,5)

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