Artillery The Last Devil’s Symphonu

Danish cult thrashers Artillery are back with their 10th studio album aptly titled X, but the situation surrounding it was far from perfect. How they overcome it and came out fighting with this strong album? You can read all about it her

Greetings Artillery and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?

Greetings! Well, we are doing very well! We have just released our new album and people seems to be excited about it, just like we are, so that’s great! We have even have had the opportunity to play a few gigs, so we are very pleased about it all!

First of all I would like to hear how is Denmark dealing with this horrible pandemics, are everyone in the band OK and how did this state of affairs affected the band?

Everybody in Artillery is alright. No coronarelated accidents – yet! – at least. The pandemic surely made life in so many ways come to a halt. We made use of the internet instead. I think we managed; all things taken into perspective.

A lot of things have happened between your two albums but the worst one has to be the passing of Morten Stutzer. Can you tell us from this perspective have you found the way to manage this loss, and some of the best memories of Morten?

The death of Morten was a huge blow to all of us, especially Michael of course. Even though he wasn’t touring with us in the end, he did contribute to the writing and recording process. I think that it affected our feelings towards music and playing music as well.

Some of the best memories of Morten! Oh, jeez, how long do we got!? One thing about Morten was, that he was so knowledgeable. He knew a lot of things. You could walk past by something, mention something or just happen to run into something, and then he would tell you a lot of fascinating facts about it. Morten was a very quiet and deep soul.

New guitar player Kraen Meier took his place, can you tell us where did you find him and how are you satisfied with the cooperation until now?

I don’t know how we found him, maybe he found us! Kræn fits in very well. He is a very talented guitarist and songwriter. He fits in so well mentality-wise as well.

You have decided to put out Last Journey single as an appetizer for the album, is this a tribute to old school times? Did you chose Metallica for a cover due to Lars being Danish or something else?

The Last Journey was a tribute to Morten. That is why Søren Adamsen, Flemming Rönsdorf and I sing on it. To unite in our tribute. We included Trapped under Ice, because it was among some of Morten’s favorite tunes.

Now, finally X is in front of us and now that everything is said and done how are you satisfied with its final outcome, where you would place it in overall Artillery’s catalog?

I am way too biased right now to say anything about where I would position it in our catalog. But, a nice spot close to the top wouldn’t be a lie. We are very satisfied with the outcome. The sound, the songs, everything. I am very grateful for that.

X is, logically, Artillery’s tenth album and it shows all the different faces of the band when it comes to musical style, was it done intentionally and how would you personally describe Artillery’s style?

It wasn’t done intentionally. We never do that. We try to be as natural in our writing as possible. We never try to control our writing. Only write stuff we like, and which fits into to Artillery moniker. We just had a good run with the songs and how they came up.

We all know that Covid turned all the plans to dust but are you planning something to promote X and celebrate your tenth album?

Yes, we are planning on playing as many gigs as possible. We would love to tour, so let us see what will happen.

Besides Flemming, Michael has the most albums recorded with the band out of all Artillery’s singers, would you say now that he is the ultimate singer for the band? Are you guys still in contact with Flemming?

I don’t think you can say he is the ultimate singer of the band. He is the singer of Artillery and that is what he does. All the singers in the history of the band has a place and relevance. Yes, we are still talking with Flemming.

Artillery never became top selling band but you guys are considered to be one of the best thrash metal bands from Europe and a true cult act, how are you satisfied with this status?

Well, it is an honor to be described as one of the best thrash metal bands from Europe! No complains there. I think that we are happy with how things are. You can always dream of more money, recognition and status, but then again, we could also have and get less, so I think we are overall, happy with everything as it is.

The band is in existence for almost four decades yet you show no signs of slowing down, what make you guys still push as hard as ever and when do you think that Artillery will end?

Artillery will end when Michael Stützer decides to do so. He is the core of the band and that is his call. We push, because we love to play and I don’t want to do anything else.

Can you tell us what lies in the near future for Artillery? What is your opinion, when this chaos will finally end?

Right now, we are doing as many gigs as possible, and hopefully more will come. As much of that as we can. About the chaos (which I think must be the COVID thing you are referring to), I think that we must be patient. Sadly, I don’t see this thing go, anytime soon.

That would be all for this occasion, I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best! Your last message…

Thank you so much for having us! We wish all good health, happiness and a lot of rock n roll! We hope to see you one day on the road! Stay strong, stay happy and stay metal!

Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic

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