DESASTER Churches Without Saints

German legends Desaster are in very cozy situation of their career. Tried and true for a million times, the band is probably the most known name in black thrash realm and by now it is sure they are not about to wimp out and pull some ‘’mature’’ album upon us. So now it is obvious to us and them that there is no need to rush out the new material so Desaster release the new album only when they are absolutely sure that they have something strong to say. Their 9th studio album Churches Without Saints comes five years after its predecessor The Oath of an Iron Ritual, and although I have said that this band will never change there are some slight twists and turns in Desaster realm. First of all, the band’s longtime drummer and mascot Tormentor has left the line up which came as quite a shock to all the fans – geographical distance is cited as main reason and the new man behind the drum throne is Hont but there are also differences in musical realms. Comparing to a few previous albums, Desaster went back in time a little bit to find the inspiration in their old era. As Infernal himself stated, Churches Without Saints’ main inspiration is Tyrants of the Netherworld era but I would say that the new release can be linked with first three in general. That means that the music carries a bit more of darker overtones, Black Metal feeling is omnipresent but without neglecting Thrash metal part of the amalgam. The production work follows suit and it sounds more rustic and should I say archaic – that does not mean we are listening to some rehearsal quality stuff here, no! Just the whole album is being inspired by that period in history of the band but sounds absolutely fresh. Desaster inspired themselves here to reinvent their old style with their experience. Of course, we all are more connected to those early classics so it seems to me that they are better but it is for sure that Churches Without Saints can stand on its two legs and deliver the metal storm Desaster are well known for!

Metal Blade Records CD

Slobodan Trifunovic (8)

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