Desaster is Imminent

German pure metal heroes Desaster are back with their new album entitled Churches without Saints, so we have met up with the singer Sataniac to get all the info we needed about this release and some changes in the band’s camp. Metal never bends!

Greetings Sataniac and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?

Greetings, yes, we are still alive and everything is fine, but we would be happier if we could enter the stages again.

Desaster have survived all possible trends and different climates on the metal scene and yet you guys have soldiered on, so how it is to release the new album in the midst of this pandemic chaos and uncertainty? Have you perhaps thought of postponing it?

No, we never thought about postponing the album. We are not a “professional” band at all, we have our jobs to pay our bills. And especially nowadays I’m very happy that we are not addicted to the music business.

Churches Without Saints is in front of us and in your own words, you have decided to go back in time for inspiration, most notably in Tyrants of the Netherworld era. What has inspired this move?

This was not a musical move. Infernal loves the warmer “Tyrants” sound, and after the last albums, he wants a more warm an old school sound for the new album. I think we reached that goal.

Also the production work is more robust and archaic, totally middle finger to modern metal albums. Tell us how did you achieve this sound picture?

It is the achievement of Infernal, like I told before. He wants that typical “Tyrant”-sound and he works with our live mixer  Jan Gensheimer till he found that vibe from the Tyrants album.

Churches Without Saints is lyrically sort of critic towards religion and its hypocrisy. Do you think that in this day and age the religion is still strong enough to corrupt minds and souls of people?

Of course I think there are a lot of “believers” or “hypocrites” even in this world today. Mainly it’s not a bad thing searching for salvation or anything else, but there is no need for, because life goes on and on, even without you.

One of the biggest changes in Desaster camp is the departure of Tormentor – please tell us what happened between you guys and are you still on good terms? Where did you find Hont and how are you satisfied with him so far?

Tormentor didn’t have the time for Desaster anymore. He got married and moved away. But we are still writing songs at the rehearsal room. So we need to carry on and we found the perfect person with Hont. He is a metalmaniac for sure and a very loyal person.

You have often stated that Desaster write songs in rehearsal room so how did you manage to write down this album in lockdown era?

In German we call this Betriebsgeheimnis.

Desaster makes several years’ breaks between albums so I guess that now you are taking it easy since you have killer status and you don’t live from the band, am I right? Can you explain this situation?

The most important thing is the quality of the songs. And of cause we didn’t have the time or fresh inspiration to release a new album every 2 years. And we are in a good situation not to be addicted to the music business in any way. But you feel it, when the time is right for a new album.

Several years ago the band was hailed with tribute album entitled We Worship Desaster. What are your feelings towards it and what versions of your songs do you like the best?

Of course that’s a great honor, when people playing your songs, and name you as inspiration. Symphony Of Vengeance from Satanika is my favorite. A real reaper…

While we are at it, you had some killer gigs here in Serbia but that was long time ago. Are you perhaps planning to pay us a visit when the time is right?

Right now, we are happy to release the new album. And there are no plans for tours or something else. We have to wait, till we can enter stages again. But of course we will be happy to visit Serbia again. But we prefer single shows at the weekends.

You are always doing some split, 7’’ singles and similar stuff so are there something new in the works on that field? What is the best single Desaster has ever released in your opinion?

I love the INFERNAL VOICES maxi-single, because the song is outstanding and one of the best we did. And of course I need to name the ZOMBIE RITUAL Shape 7” with Chief Chris Reifert sharing the vocals with me on this Death tribute.

We all know that you guys are big metal fans but on the other hand, what are the most surprising releases in your collection?

I love music at all, especially extreme metal, but there are so much types of good tunes and stuff out there. I buy records and cds all the time. And I need to say that for me the following list is not a surprising at all…hahahaha…

Aphex Twin – Drukqs / Boney M. – Nightflight To Venus / Klaus Schulze – X

That would be all for this time, I would like to thank you and wish you all the best! Your last message…

Thanx for your support!

Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic

Answers by Sataniac

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