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After several months of waiting finally we have a brand new interview v coming from Seth since their have their latest album out after many years of total silence. La morsure du Christ could be compared with their debut effort from 1998 and I guess that’s the most important thing to fans. We were waiting for ne album 8 years and for the debut’s sequel 23 years. Anyhow, the music speaks and their latest album is truly musical sequel to their debut record!

Hello! La morsure du Christ is surly a comeback work, and the first reviews and interviews are coming, so how about your first impressions?

We have been enjoying awesome feedback as the album is getting to be recognised as the BM album of the year for many people. We did not expect that much actually. By the end of the mastering we knew that the material was solid but from March 2021 after the release of track 1 La Morsure du Christ people went kind of crazy with that first sample.

How do you feel to have a brand new record out after almost 9 years? I guess it could be indeed awesome to read the reviews, observing the response from both fans and media, following comments and impression since the band is now indeed popular so to say…and why do did you make such a long pause between your records?

Well, we have actually been quite active over the years playing or releasing stuff. After The Howling Spirit released in 2013 we played many festivals around and went on tour with Pestilence in 2014. By 2018 we also played many shows celebrating the twenty years of Les Blessures de L’ame, album one. This took much time for us to manage and played in Europe as well as Canada. Then the live album of one of the shows was put out by  Les Acteurs de l’Ombre, cd format, and Lp format, Sepulchral Productions (can). So we had plenty of things to do and there was not much rush before thinking of a new album. All in all we have been very busy over the last decade indeed.

Let’s speak about a new offering La morsure du Christ : how would you like to describe a brand new record? it sounds as a ruturn to your older style especially one that you had on a debut record? Evenmore there’s a 3rd part of the song Hymne au vampire (Acte III)…

It is officially a followup to 1998 album one Les Blessures de l’Ame so basically we are announcing that this new record is like album one part 2 that marks a return to French lyrics , to epic songs and keyboard lines.

If I observe a brand new offering it sounds as a reflection of your older works from 90s, but more in a modern way so to say? Could you make a comment concerning it?

As a sequel to Les Blessures de l’Ame, this new material has naturally been inspired by our first album only. What Seth has created in the beginning in terms of atmosphere has been used as a model to reignite the vitality of the past in a possibly more aggressive and slightly modern way. We have tried to capture the musical roots and lyrical themes that were our first trademark and the production as well as the new members including vocals have brought on a new touch that made this material kind of updated and thorough.

Who has done the cover artwork for the new album and what did you want to express by it? Also, the same questions could go for the title, too…La morsure du Christ…

In France the powerful Fire has not been forgotten. Though possibly overlooked due to today’s globalized world people are now focusing on the monument rehabilitation. I think it is of primary importance to commemorate, not to forget, but we must be realistic in that time and history do wipe everything out. Hopefully our cover will serve as a strong reminder of the landmark history but fading into oblivion at some point is kind of inevitable and this has to be acknowledged. We are also desensitized due to experience and resilience that is to eventually move on. Cover has been made by French Leoncio Harmr.

How about the lyrics this time? What could you tell us about the lyrical side of the album?

They have been written in authentic French alexandrine poetry so its been quite a tough process to unleash. I think they set a much more solid aspect to the album as a whole since it has first been musically written to lay French vocal lines on top. Tracks like Sacrifice de Sang or Ex-Cathedral deal with with the fascination facing Notre-Dame de Paris while other songs like Les Océans du Vide or Hymne au Vampire Acte III convey feelings of melancolia and nostalgia, the burden of ageing, time. The whole is based on classical emotions of rebellion and hatred. Lyrics depict a world where god has failed to support Christians, as proved by the the collapse of Notre-Dame de Paris.               

It seems that you have perfectly balanced faster song with some more slower ones, and morover there are some guest vocals here and there, so what could you tell us about this side of the album?

I did write the whole album in over a year. By the end of each writing process, each track was sent to the other members. These riffs are rather instinctive to me – I had to get back to the mindset I was in 23 years ago but it felt like it was yesterday.  Adding keyboard lines on top of both bass & guitar layers were a bit tricky as it is something we hadn’t done for years. Our keyboard player Pierre Le Pape would send me over his ideas – they were aimed to transcend the riffs and not to mess it all up. So it took quite a while to figure out the best recipe so that the key can tell its own music-story as well over the basically written guitar parts. There are no guest vocals in the album : all vocals have been sung by Saint Vincent our vocalist for about 7 years.

Could you return just for a while are recall some memories from your debut album If Les blessures de l’âme? It has such a remarkable cover artwork i have to admit. Morover, could you recall some memories from the first part of the band’s career?

Back then bands had to remain more mysterious and they did not play live, at least not much. Today is however the exact opposite : we have to kill this original spirit displaying your band as much as possible though mystery had long shaped the very nature of BM. Musically speaking riff-writing is also dying out as most bands use tonnes of gtr FX like reverbs to seek atmospheres. Take Dissection though, what did they do ? Well they played great atmospheric BM using strong riffs, means we can create atmospheres using riffs mainly.  This is was w have tried to do with this album : rehabilitate the true riff spirit into BM. Basically SETH had never really played live until the beginning of the 2000. We were just happy writing music only. I today consifer playing live as a new challenge brining the band to other dimensions, out of its typical comfort zone.

I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best until next time. I hope to see you finally somewhere live at least during next year! 

Thats great, hope people will get to see us play live soon enough !

Interview by Marko Mirnaovic

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