CLAYMOREAM Hunter of the Damned

  • Claymorean are come back after 4 long years of waiting. Many are reasons for such a long waiting but at the end of a day I guess some personal reasons mixed up with Corona have done its deed. But, never the less their brand new offering sound really promising and refreshing and perhaps Vladimir do not want to admit but Claymorean are one of the best Serbia bands and one of the most prominent ones aboard
  • Hello Vladimir! Please could you tell us for the very beginning something more and present us your latest effort Eulogy for the Gods? If we count band with previous band this is your 5th full-length…

Hello, Marko! Thanks for inviting me to this interview. Always a pleasure. Well, Eulogy is 3rd Claymorean album, but 5th overall if we count Claymore as a part of it. The album was recorded in a year and many problems and tragedies hit us along the way, so it may sound a bit darker than our previous records. The bright side of it that we have a new band member in our ranks – our drummer extraordinaire Marko Novaković. Also, this is the first album we recorded at home and not in Midnight Studio, because of the pandemic measures. And Boris (Šurlan, our producer) did a terrific job mixing and mastering this record. He also recorded the drums Marko played, without any samples or triggers. What you hear are completely natural drums, the way it should always be.

  • I’ve already checked out your latest effort few times and somehow it sound different than your previous record released four years ago…well, hard to say but it sounds like every song is a hit which is something new in your sound and the way of writing of the songs.

Probably that is the case because of all the shit that hit us while recording it haha. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a maturity process. You know I’ve been performing for more than 30 years now, and even longer I’ve been an avid music fan, so maybe I finally learned to write songs hahaha.

  • Some of the songs were already know to us like Blood of the Dragon or Burning of Rome which is a tribute to Virgine Steele…any way how did you make a decision to add the cover of Virgin Stelle on the album on the 3rd place…

Yeah, that was a strange choice in the track listing. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the flow of the album, perhaps that song fits better at the beginning than at the end. You know, I really wanted to have a vinyl version of this album, and if you look carefully first 4 songs are around 22 minutes and the next 4 songs also, so that’s a perfect length for a vinyl. Sadly it won’t happen. We really tried, but no one wants us haha.

  • On the other hand, Blood of the Dragon was written by our friend Ced Forsberg (Blazon Stone, Crystal Viper) but it is also re-recorded for the album…how did it happen anyway that one of the Ced’s songs ended up on your record…

Ced is truly a nice guy, which is strange, because he’s a genius haha. Well, we have been working on a project called Spiral Castle and one led to another, he said one day “I have this song that’s been laying around for a while, and I think Dejana would sing it perfectly and also it would suit your style.” So I said bring it on! We actually had a writer’s blockage at the time. Ced helped a lot to overcome it.

  • It’s a fun thing but this remain me on four years ago when we have more or less in the same time released album for Stormspell, but you did it during spring while Numenor released it during autumn…but knew album sounds different and perhaps better than the previous one, any comment concerning this one?

You know I’m a big fan of Númenor and I’m sorry we’re not label mates anymore, but I still wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Yep, it’s kinda strange that we end up releasing albums almost at the same time. I’ve listened to new Númenor and it kicks ass! It has one of my favorite songs you ever recorded and I’m talking about “Númenor”, but also Hansi’s appearance and the opening song is simply majestic and something no one ever did here! Well done!

  • Claymorean’s song ‘’Hunter of the Damned’’ is already presented as a video and the song is already presented on very prestigious compilation and it has a lot of views so it’s perhaps the most famous song of the band. How do you feel about that?

I still need to embrace this album in full. I’m not a huge fan of it yet, probably because of all personal reasons behind it. But I do enjoy playing these songs live. Hunter of the Damned in fact came to me in my sleep. I woke up one morning and had this tune in my head and I said to Dejana “I gotta record this while I still remember it” hahaha. Suddenly we’re recording the music video for it, then it’s premiered at Keep It True TV, then on NWOTHM channel and compilation… I mean, this never happened before, so I’m quite surprised. Maybe we did something good after all haha.

  • It took you four years to write a new material so how did it happen that you needed so much time for a new record and why?

As I recall, we had a re-release of the previous album in 2019 and few singles before and after, so we weren’t completely dormant, but yeah, 4 years is the longest period so far when our studio recordings are concerned. Hopefully that won’t happen again haha.

  • Perhaps for the first time in the history Serbia has the bands which are much more popular outside the country. Its different situation comparing to previous times and periods but during last decade it has become more and more obvious by each year passing…any comment concerning this?

Because of the social networks and all these modern web platforms the world became smaller. Some of Serbian bands like Alogia, The Stone, Infest, Númenor, Nadimach etc were already known outside our country, but at the same time they had a solid fan base here too. Claymorean never had many listeners in Serbia, but I guess it was due to our absence from the live performances. Finally we have a functional band and we’re ready to conquer haha. On the other hand, the revival of so called traditional metal truly helped a lot, since we’re in that niche of bands. I hope NWOTHM will have a serious fan base here too. I already met some young musicians who are into Manowar, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol etc. The future of true metal looks bright.

  • I would like to thank you once more for the interview Vladimir and I am really looking forward to see how the new album will be received in the world

Thank you once again for your support and for doing this interview. Great questions as always. I too can’t wait to see the reactions when our album hits the digital platforms on September 1st. Stay metal!

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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