CLAYMOREAN Eulogy for the Gods

”Eulogy for the Gods” is the third full-length coming from Serbian based-band and one of the most popular bands abroad Claymorean. And, yet I am quite sure, this is their best piece of work. Hard to tell, but from my personal point of view, Vladimir has reached his highest level of writing and he has made the finest and the best well-crafted offering thus far: there’s no questions about it! And, yet, this is the heavies of his works…

Already the opening track ”Hunter of the Damned” has become very popular so many metalheads right now are waiting for their brand new material to be unleashed worldwide on 1st September.

At the very first pre-listening of the album, it sounded somehow strange, even weird. The opening track is really great but the other tracks are a tale for itself. Some are very fast ones, short in terms of writing while the others are longer. ”Mystical Realm” is one of my favorite tracks, since I like the slow pieces and even in some moment it remained me on black metal music, on the other hand, this very particular composition has perfect developing solos and highlight is the chorus. From the other side comes ”In the Tombs of Autan” which a fast and short track with completely different way of composing and developing. ”The problem” is actually the second track which has some even glam like parts…somends strange, I know, but it works, after second or third time…you just need to give this album few changes, few more times while you are absorb.

On the third place on the album the band has placed Virgin Steele’s cover ”Burning of Rome” which somehow was a strange idea after two more or less short tracks, but on the other way the songs works perfectly for the album. Actually, all the songs on this record are working perfectly as a solid unity for themselves. ”Spirit of the Merciless Times” is the best example for this. This particular one is the piece of solid stone and rock! Very brutal at time but also with quite a melody. The song actually shows why Claymorean is one of the best bands coming from not even Serbia but from Balkan as well. The band sounds as it is not from Serbia, just like a group from some other country US or Germany if you like, depends. The production counts here as well. Its hard as a stone and one of the best made productions made in Serbia!

As a closing track the band has chosen a song originally written by Ced Forsberg, a friend and companion from Stormspell Records. The song is very different and you will get it easy, but the vibe and way or writing is such a great one! Maybe I will switch Virgin Steele’s cover and Blood of the Dragon when it comes to position it could cast a different shadow when you for the very first time entering the album, but yet this is my way of thinking…

Anyway, ”Eulogy for the Gods” is one of the best records ever written in Serbia and it could stand side by side with other bands from US or Europe! Some parts are just marvelous and god-like, that you just didn’t expect to be from any of Serbian bands or Balkan groups, and I am really curious how the worldwide metal community gonna now react when they have a chance to visit the entire album themselves. From my personal point of view this is masterpiece! I think that Claymorean should be the first Serbian band that should appear on keep it True festival, it would be a blast!!!

Marko Miranovic (10)

Stormspell Records CD

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