WANTON ATTACK His Master’s Voice

Well, traditional and old school metal has made its returned already for some time and they are here with us. Ok, maybe there are too many bands around but its not for bad at all. Anyway, its better that we have a lot of traditional HM influenced bands than a tons of modern ones. Wanton Attack are coming from Sweden and they have made just their newest attack!

Please, could you say us something more for the very beginning about the band since we are unfamiliar with the name Wanton Attack?

Wanton Attack consists of Niklas Holm (guitars, bass) and Micael Zetterg (drums, vocals). We started in 2019. Micael came up with the idea and the band name. I designed the logo and after that we started to write songs together. Our goal was to create traditional heavy metal with obscure influences. At the time, we were listening a lot to FWOSHM, old French heavy metal, metal from the eastern Bloc, etc.

Could you say us more about your style of playing since there are some obvious influences coming from Ostrogoth and Mercyful Fate? So, old school metal in its most admire form so to say…

Well, we don’t sound like modern metal so I suppose old school is a suitable term, but in the end we just play what we think sounds best to us. We love Ostrogoth and Mercyful Fate, although we don’t really sound like either band, but I can’t say that they’re our main influences. I suppose we try to create a sound which is a bit more ”dark” than your average heavy metal band, and that might be one of the reasons we get compared to those bands a lot.

You around just about o release your brand new offering for No Remorse Records so if you could any more details about your work it will be indeed welcome…

This is our debut album and it contains seven tracks. Track number six, ”Crystal Ball”, is actually a cover song by the old band Commandment from the US. We think they’re an underrated band that deserves more attention so we decided to record one their songs. I don’t think I’ve seen any bands cover their songs in the past, so that’s pretty cool. We recorded the album at a local studio and also in our rehearsal place. If you like 80s heavy metal with an underground spirit, then this album is likely to suit your tastes.

I’ve read few details about the band’s activities in the past but please could you tell us anything more since there are no so much details dis included that you are coming from Sweden…

Well, since we’re a new band I’m not sure if there is much to say. Wanton Attack is a two man unit, and it looks like it will stay that way. We would be interested in playing live, as long as we can find suitable live members. Wanton Attack is not our only band, we do have other bands/side projects such as Sordid Blade, Dødsleie, Wardenclyffe, Illbatting, etc.

How did you end on such a great label as No Remorse Records now is? I mean there are lots of great bands including Eternal Champion as well…

We simply sent the recording to a few different labels, and No Remorse turned out to be the best option for us. You’re absolutely right, there are many great bands on No Remorse and we’re truly grateful to be in such great company!

Could you say us now little more about your cover artwork it looks really amazing! Who has done the cover and what would you like to express by?

The cover art is an acrylic painting made by our friend Linda many years ago. Unfortunately, she passed away a few years back, so the cover can be seen as a tribute to her. I agree that it looks amazing, she was obviously a very talented artist, and it fits perfectly with the music. It will always be special to us.

Do you have any favorites which you could present the band in the best light so to say? I mean today there’s a lot of these YT channels that support the band world wide so I hope that you will get a lot of attention.

You mean current bands that we like? We’re both music nerds, and we love many different styles of music, old and new bands, etc. Some newer metal bands we like are Tyrann, Century, Malokarpatan, Eternal Champion, Mystik, Black Sword Thunder Attack, Chevalier, and many others.

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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