BLACKSWORD Stormbringers

Blacksword are one more unfamiliar name when it comes to our readers so we think its a nice chance to present them by the interview and review in our upcoming notes. The band is hailing from Russia which is even more interesting to say so.

Hello! Alive Again is already out for some time, and the first reviews and interviews are coming, so how about your first impressions?

Hello, Metal Sound! I read the first reviews even before the release 🙂 The impressions are great, from the reviews I see that people like it, and finally, we are very glad that the album is finally released, after a decade of silence!

How do you feel to have a brand-new record out after almost 10 years? I guess it could be indeed awesome to read the reviews, observing the response from both fans and media, following comments and impression since the band is now indeed popular so to say…

Very cool, in fact 🙂 When the album was just released, I surfed the Internet in the evening in search of reviews, and read them with pleasure, I must admit, I haven’t met a single bad one yet 🙂 The best part is that some people remember us from the first album, and it turns out they were waiting for the second! And I already thought for 10 years of silence everyone has forgotten 😀

Let’s speak about a new offering Alive Again : how would you like to describe a brand new record?

Well, if you compare with the first, which sounded like a garage band, the second is much more meaningful, mature, and more professional sounding. From the first song, Iron Will, you are given a war horse and an ax, and sent to the battlefield. The album is full of epics, and even the drama in the Long Lost Days, for example. As critics note, there is not a single passable song in it, and I agree with them, since we had enough time to work on each of them 😀

Anyhow, could you tell us anything more about the band Blacksword since we are not so informed about the group.

With joy! As you saw from the press release, the band has existed since 2005, however, if you listened to us in 2005, you would hardly have guessed that this is the same band, we got something like thrash metal with death metal vocals 😀

Gradually, by 2007 we still came to classical metal with clean vocals, and by 2010 we recorded our debut, The Sword Accurst. Further, we began to prepare material for the second album, but there were constant problems with the change of line-ups, musicians, and with the level of their training. Therefore, the creation stretched for a decade, only in 2017-2018 we finally gathered the right guys in one place, Artem Omelenchuk and Denis Grebenkin on guitars, Stanislav Volkov on drums, me, Ivan Viking on bass, and a little later we found Mike Livas for remote recording vocals. It was difficult, but we did it 🙂

Who has done the cover artwork for the new album and what did you want to express by it?

It was made by Kiriakos Balanos, a Greek musician and artist. I didn’t give him any special assignments about the cover, I just gave him the album to listen to, and said, draw what you see in this music, if it were a painting, and that’s what happened, I’m happy with the result.

Someone writes that the cover gives the false impression that it is Viking metal like Amon Amarth, but I think it reflects our music, we don’t just have power metal, it’s harder, and with big balls!

By the way, later I realized that the cover for the second album is a 100 times improved version of the cover of the first one 😀

How about the lyrics this time? What could you tell us about the lyrical side of the album?

The lyrics are mostly written by the former vocalist, Sergei Konev, and myself. There are inspiring themes, like Iron Will and Immortal Hero, or based on any books or stories, like Barbarian Born, inspired by the story of Conan the Barbarian, and the rest of the themes are written from the head, this is the main way, first the music is written, and then what images appear in head when listening to it, that will be the song!

But the most intricate and complex lyrics of the title composition, Alive Again, were written long ago by our former guitarist, Alex Avdeev. It is inspired by the book Charnel God by Clark Ashton Smith, it is a whole epic story 8 minutes long, to match the music, and ends very impressively, I think! This is my favorite song 🙂

How did it happen that you have signed a deal for such a prestige label as No Remorse Records? It such a great success!

Thanks! It turned out quite spontaneously. When Mike listened to the finished result, he was very impressed, and offered to show the album to his familiar person, Chris, who was the director of the label. Chris was interested in the album, and in the end we signed a contract for two albums, so good news, the third one won’t have to wait that long 😀

By the way, before that I had a small dialogue with Mat Sinner, but, either he had no time, or he was not very interested, the matter did not go further with us 🙂

I would like to thank you for the interview and I wish you all the best until next time. I hope to see you somewhere live at least during next year! 

Thank you so much for your questions, I was glad to answer!

Yes, live shows are not very good now, and it’s hard for us to get together, given the geography, but in 2022, I think everything will work out!

Thanks to your readers and our listeners, I hope you enjoy the album as much as we do, and we really like what it turned out to be!

If you want to support the band and listen to the album, buy CD’s, or visit our bandcamp:

Stay Metal!

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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