CRIMSON FIRE Third Attack!

Crimson Fire are one more name that comes No Remorse Records. As you will learn though the interview the band is quite serious with their music and also with their visual part of the band since Andreas Marschal has done the cover for their latest cover artwork. Another Dimension is their third record and they’re yet another band that are hailing from Greece…

Crimson Fire just released your brand new offering for No Remorse Records so if you could any more details about your third work: it will be indeed welcome…

First of all, I would like to thank you for this particular interview! Secondly, the band recorded the album in the Vava studios with Stelios Koutelis as a produser. The drums were recorded by Tery Nikas at zero gravity studios, in which the album was mixed. The mastering was done by Psycho Nyne and the album cover by Andreas Marschall.

The recordings lasted two whole years and finally we are very happy that the album was released

Please, could you say us something more for the very beginning about the band since we are unfamiliar with the name Crimson Fire?

We were created in 2004 by Giannis Britsas and Stelios Koutelis, vocals and guitar respectively. We recorded our first demo in 2005 creating a very strong core of fans that follows us to this day! After 5 years full of appearances and playing in every part of Greece, we decided to release our first full-length album entitled “Metal is back” through Iron on Iron Records. We made several concerts to promote the album either as headliners or as support to bands such as ANVIL, SUICIDAL ANGELS and ULI JON ROTH, guitarist of the legendary SCORPIONS. In 2012, we released the “Fire in the sky” EP in just 300 copies and sold out in a very short time, giving the band the opportunity to do another huge cycle of concerts in Greece and to visit Cyprus for two headline concerts. In the summer of 2016 we came to an agreement with Pitch Black Records for the release of our second full length album called “Fireborn”. The album received rave reviews worldwide, giving the band the opportunity to appear at the TRVHEIM FESTIVAL in Germany, playing alongside Q5, SATAN and PRAYING MANTIS, among others, ending the album tour that lasted two years!

And now here we are with our brand new album called Another Dimension and we can’t hide how happy we are!

Another Dimension is your third opus and we have waiting around 5 years to hear a new record why is that? Would you be so kind and tell us something about your previous works as well?

As I mentioned above, as soon as the previous album was released we did several concerts mainly in Greece. When we started writing the new album everything was fine until Covind broke out and everything went back. That was the reason we were so late.

As for the previous albums, I think they are very nice albums, each for its own reasons. The first is quite aggressive, taken from another era, very reminiscent of the American sound when it started. The second is much more mature than the first. the band matured, did not change the way they played, just changed the process. We paid more attention to the traffic, it was more careful than the debut.

I think our third album is by far the best. This is what everyone tells us. We worked with very experienced people. From the cover to our label, everything went under the microscope so that the album came out as good as we wanted! And I believe that we have achieved it 100%!

Could you say us now little more about your cover artwork? Who has done the cover and what would you like to express by?

The cover was created by Andreas Marshall, who has collaborated with very big names such as Hammerfall, Helloween and Blind Guardian. That says it all I think. What we wanted to present is what the title describes. How the band goes to another dimension. The Phoenix, which is our mascot, transforms from an earthling form into a robot that throws lasers out of sight. So this is the band. The album presents a new aspect of the band that suits to us perfectly!

You are hailing from Greece and many will say that that’s the land of metal, but what do you have to say or add about it? Have the things changed though time?

A lot! Once upon a time, Greek bands sent demos to the companies and they were laughed. This is no longer in case. Greek bands, have taken the matter seriously, they present complete works, which several times have nothing to envy from other bands outside Greece. Justtake look at the careers of SUICIDAL ANGELS, FIREWIND and Yannis with BEAST IN BLACK. The Greek metal scene is very good and we will hear some great music in the future!

There are lots of YT channels today that could help spreading a word about the band so is that the case with Crimson Fire as well?

Of course. The music spreads easily and people can learn you from one day to the other, listen to your songs and evaluate what they hear. If people like the record, people will buy it. If something is really good, the fan will buy the album to support the band. I think that all this only does good!

What’s the next move when it comes to Crimson Fire? D you plan to have any shows in the upcoming year?

The next move is a tour. A european tour. We are in search to find a headline band to make support shows around Europe in 2022. It’s a little bit difficult because too many bands want to tour, but I believe that we will be one of them! After the tour we will be back at the studio to record our new album and I hope to be released in 2023! This is the next move for Crimson Fire!

Thanx for your time, Dinos Ganitis

Interview by Marko Miranovic

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