AEON God Ends Here

Nine long years in the making but the wait is finally over – Swedish blasphemers Aeon are finally back with their fifth full length album aptly titled God Ends Here and from the mere glance upon the cover you will understand that Aeon have not changed their ways in this long pause. All the fans should know by now that Aeon, even though they are hailing from Sweden, are much more into American school of death metal. One can easily describe their beginnings as logical mixture between three names: Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Morbid Angel, but with the passing of time Aeon have slowly but surely developed their own niche. God Ends Here is a fine proof of my words as I would describe it with logical continuation of its predecessor 2012’s Aeons Black (God Ends Here starts with ending theme of previous album, it should be noted) but with some slight twists just too keep things interesting. The thing is, Aeon have added some more melodic and symphonic influences this time but in some darkening black metal way so the music has greater cinematic scope. The basis of Aeon is of course still the same – pulverizing death metal, it can be described as brutal but not in some senseless blasting ways, no! It is obvious that Aeon have finished the school of above mentioned names in mixing the brutality with killer songwriting and that is the one thing I have always loved about Aeon. They can be heavy as all Hell but one can always find good earworms in their metal. It should be noted that God Ends Here features some themes that repeat in alternate versions throughout the album, I have read that in promo sheet and if one pays real close attention it can be clearly hear. Nice little touch that further proves that Aeon really gave some big thought into the creation of God Ends Here.  So it is clear that Aeon has returned and the break took nothing off their edge – they are back and they mean business, as you will soon encounter with God Ends Here!

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (8)

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