HATE Rugia

I guess that nothing can stop Adam the First Sinner and his cohort gathered under the banner of Hate. Pandemic, the whole world falling into the abyss? Hate soldiers on as usual and just two years after Auric Gates of Veles Hate is back with their 12th album entitled Rugia. 12 albums without pause is no small feat and one would rightfully expect that the band is a shadow of their former selves by now, but that is not the case with these blasphemous Poles. One should know that Adam is always on the search on the path of development and mentioned previous album announced the new road for this man. The thing is, Hate decided to delve deep into their ancient pagan past and to mix it into their brutal death metal attack so Rugia is the second fruit of this approach. These kind of themes naturally go well with black metal, Poland has rich history in this brand of metal anyway so Hate injected a bit more of those overtones in their sound this time around so the album is permeated with this grim feeling. But fear not dear Hate fans as they have not abandoned their blasting DM past – the songs does not waste any time but go straight for the jugular to kill with aggression. My complaint, as always with Hate, is that the vocals are a bit monotone even though Adam himself has said that he put an extra effort to get them varied as he could but I would simply like to hear them developed much further. As for the style of music, I would go even as far as to say that I feel this Hate era is their best one. Simple, I enjoy these feelings in metal very much and Hate has gained a lot of originality with injecting the pagan themes into brutal death metal. They have separated themselves from similar bands even more with Rugia and I cannot wait to see where they will go next!

  • Slobodan Trifunovic (8)
  • Metal Blade CD

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