Numenor A tribute to Blind Guardian

Númenor has just published the first song Valhalla feat. Chris Rörland (Sabaton) taken from their forthcoming 5th full-length ‘’Tales From the Edge of Time’’-a tribute to Blind Guardian in order to start the promotion of their next offering. The band is currently in the studio and they are recorded more and more songs. Each song will have a special guest musicians.

Their lead vocalist Marko Miranovic is already working on a book and biography for Blind Guardian with Mark Frostenäs as chief editor so this tribute album is a natural sequel of this project. Marko is well-known among Blind Guardian’s fans since he has already appeared on ‘’Imaginations From the other Side’’ Live CD and LP re-release as a contributor and writer of the story for this particular record alongside with Mark Frostenäs as chief editor.

Cover artwork is done by Yulia Zhuchova who has already worked with the band.

The booklet will contain a special interview with Hans Jürgen Kürsch done by Marko Miranovic about each song that will be featured on tribute album.

‘’Tales From the Edge of Time’’ is scheduled to be released in second part of 2022.

The list of the songs that have been recorded so far with the list of the guest musicians:

• Valhalla feat. Chris Rörland (Sabaton)

• Majesty feat. Chris Rörland (Sabaton)

• Lord of the Rings feat. Christian Eriksson (ex-Twilight Force, ex-Northtale)

• Lost in the Twilight Hall feat. Pasi Hummpi (Freternia)

• Run for the Night

• Damned for all Time

and some more titles to be announce later!

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