DIAMOND KOBRA – Return of the Starbeast

The crew from Diamond Kobra return in full force in their follow-up full-length to 2019’s “The Arrival“, with “Return of the Starbeast”. With B.B. Baconsson & Otto Løfgren at the helm of a freshly upgraded and modified space-craft – this record explores further reaches of the sonic galaxy, with a refined ease. Modernized navigation, upgraded weapons, and an overhauled engine (powered by high octane prog-metal shred), whisk the listener from one dynamic soundscape to another.

Each track is like it’s very own planet, a unique “boss-fight”, or a glimpse into certain moments in space-time, that matter. Long before all 12 tracks have completed, you’re far beyond a casual observer – you’re fully charged and engaged in all of the triumphs and turmoil. The entirety of this journey plays out much like a saga for the mind and ears… sometimes even experimental in nature, just like killer adult science & fiction should be. Join Diamond Kobra in the search for what could be out there, shifting between the balance of high-tech and low-life, and maintaining the frontier that is contemporary cyber-punk!

Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) has appeared in two songs on guitars on their latest record:

As always, Diamond Kobra has an exciting and honorable crew to back you up! Guest appearing on ‘Return of the Starbeast’ are: Phil Soussan (Ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol) Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian) Johanna Sadonis (Lucifer) Chris Amott (Dark Tranquillity, Ex-Arch Enemy) Joey Concepcion (Ex-Sanctuary, The Absence) Caroline “Rippy” Portillo (Ex-Tito & Tarantula, The Division Men) Laura Scarborough (singer/songwriter) Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters, Lucifer) JM (Psychopunch) Tommy Geiger (ex-Palast) J.Spencer Portillo (The Division Men) K.D. Johansen (Supercharger) Janne Skarming (Age of Reflection) Andrew James Witzke (Beloved Enemy) Tracklist: 01. Prologue: Return Of The Starbeast 02. Xenomorphz 03. Legends Of The Night 04. King Vulture 05. Razor Hawkz 06. Tower Of Babelion (Interlude) 07. Brythonic Brawl 08. Comatose Love 09. Ephemeral Beast 10. Twelve Parses from Home 11. See You On The Other Side 12. Epilogue: Plasmatized

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The project began in early 2018 when recordings started in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and England. Løfgren and Baconsson were extremely happy when outstanding musicians like Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian, JM of Psychopunch, K.D. Johansen of Supercharger and the famous Amott Brothers (Michael & Chris Amott) joined for the album production. The cover artwork was done by well-known movie poster artist Tom Hodge of The Dude Designs. A complete graphic novel is already in the making, too. Just like the sequel to the first album.

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