DIAMOND KOBRA Return of the Starbeast

Well, we are all facing something really curious here and it’s indeed somehow questionable why did this particular band or project, it’s not more popular.

There are so many great musicians that have been summoned here to participate into something really extraordinary and vast. The music of Diamond Kobra could be described as a sort of mixture between different styles, you can say its a musical and visual journey. We could easily notice some dark wave influences from 80s, in both musical and visual style, but also there’s ambience in this music as well.

Sometimes it’s a combination between different vibes with some heavy guitars in the background. Some songs heavy this guitar vibe plus there are some modern female vocals on the atop. Since I have heard some moment from their upcoming third record I am already aware how the style will develop probably into something more heavy and guitars based but this particular album is more based on beats and 80s waves 🙂

Sometimes there are some more catchy melodies, mixed up with female vocals, with relaxing atmosphere and the guitars in the background. Moreover, visual esthetics play its own role here since many songs have their videos as well so one could jump and relax. The vibe actually remains me a lot on Blade Runner from 80s.

If we try to count all people who were involved in this project the list could go on and on…but lets name some of the best know mostly heavy metal bands here: Arch Enemy, Blind Guardian, Dark Tranquility and many more, some of these people are solo artists some were or are involved in huge bands.

We’re rally looking forward to check out their upcoming album in the future to come and we’re hoping that we will be able to enjoy in it very soon meanwhile take a step into he realm of unknown soundscapes. More info you’ll find in our upcoming video.

The album is available on neon green vinyl and cassette at Diamondkobra.com 

Marko Miranovic

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