When we were still in our teenage years, probably 16-17 years old (or even younger), I could recall that we’ve heard about Mystic Circle from one CD compilation which was featured in Ablaze Magazine, it was named The Days of Final Frost or something like that. The song title was Kiss from a Vampire! Later on, we got their Drachenblut record and despite many negative comments the record was not bad at all. Yes, probably one was able to track various references from various popular symphonic black metal bands which were regularly very popular during 90s, like many moments from Dimmu Borgir or/and Cradle of Filth, but anyhow the music was quite well written. At that point of time I was too naïve to understand that there could be a jealous people at the scene and that they could hate some bands just because they are getting more sells, but actually this has happened with Mystic Circe, and we’re quite unaware of it (which was actually good).

After 15-16 years of complete silence Mystic Circle has come back with yet another full-length. I didn’t expect too much. Actually, their latest material sounds quite good comparing to what they did during their last year of existence back in a day. In fact, their latest offering sounds as a sort of natural step from Infernal Satanic Verses and 1999 (I could find even some moments from Drachenblut: The Arrival of Baphomet sounds like it was written even before, like during Drachenblut period). So, all in all, after 23 years they’re delivering the same sound that made their career which is quite amazing! To tell you the truth I never expected that they’ll return. But, yet here they’re very strong and quite fresh, with a lot of cool ideas, naïve titles and lyrics, but anyway this is their unique trademark!

I have to admit that their latest full-length brings quite good songs, some of them are well written, very melodic, with a sort of hypnotic vibe. Actually we are speaking here about more melodic black metal with symphonic elements and quite furious heavy metal solos. There are many songs that could be labeled as my favorites here like Letters from the Devil, Seven Headed Dragon or Darkness in Flames. Actually, all songs have their own ingrediencies and their own vibe so one could tell that the album is not band at all! The band has really putted a lots of effort on each and every track! Everything sounds very much epic and bombastic! Some songs are faster, while there are two with slower mid-tempo vibe. Anyway, the album in whole sounds very good. I have to be honest here, I even have enjoyed much in titles of the songs and lyrics which could be sometimes ”over-hyped”, but they served their purpose, I guess that nobody was expected Dusk and Her Embrace level of lyrical adventure or Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. I mean, come on, lets be honest, even Dani Filth could not afford such a marvelous lyrics anymore such as he did back in a days!

I guess that for most of us this will be a trip to the ancient past, since we do recall this band when we were just teenagers earning for more music. But, anyhow Mystic Circle’s brand new effort has quite much to offer. And, to tell you the truth, for only two members, the band and the music sounds really massive, there’s no questions about it!

Marko Miranovic (8,5)

Atomic Fire Records CD

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