PRELUDIUM FURY Guardian of Everlaste

Here we have a chance to present you the latest band coming from various countries. Its a sort of a project so to say since the members are coming from different shores. Their music is based more or less upon 90s wave of traditionally heavy and power metal bands. So, far they have released several records which was quite interesting and now we are facing the interview with them.

Please, could you say us something more for the very beginning about the band since we are unfamiliar with the name Preludium Fury?

First off, thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. I began playing guitar in 1993 after hearing Metallica and watching the film, Bill and Ted. This led to me learning countless songs by ear and from tab books/ tab magazines. I was in a few bands in high school that played various metal and punk covers.

In the early 2000’s I then started learning how to record and use a DAW. Through that process Dark Icarus was born which are the first metal recordings I put out. I formed a few CDs worth of original material and videogame covers like Streetfighter and Castlevania. That project resulted in a few small tours around the Eugene Oregon area of the USA. With most of my material being released on Reverbnation and Soundcloud I also hand printed and made a few physical CDs.

This went on until 2019 when I decided to mainly focus on songs that have vocals. At that point I decided to rename the project to Preludium Fury. This is a way to me of saying “classical metal”. Preludium is the classical music and Fury represents the metal part.

‘’Battle of the Defender’’ has a classic power metal cover artwork, could you tell us something about it? As a matter of fact your music is based on classic power and heavy metal…any comments about this?

This is very funny for me. I made and tossed around 10 different album covers for “Battle of the Defender” and finally settling on the one I choose the day before I was to release to the distributors. My music is primarily fantasy based so I like to have the album art reflect that. With landscapes and heroes with weapons. My music has many influences but my favorite kind of music to listen to daily is metal. I started listening to metal in the 80’s so what I like to play most is more of that style. Where there is a strong front man and the music more or less tells stories of adventures with sing along choruses.

I’ve read few details about the band’s activities in the past but please could you tell us anything more since there are no so much details about the band…the musicians are coming from different countries if I am well informed.

Shortly after the release of album 2 I got a friend request on Facebook from the fantasy writer Eric Johansson based in Croatia. After a few months we became very strong friends through our love of metal music and tossed around the idea of making songs about his beautiful fantasy novel Kingdom of Hope. But since it had not been released in English yet I had to wait to read it. I started writing songs based off what Eric described about the plot of the novel. Those songs turned into what was the Kingdom of Hope EP. After hearing those recordings Eric offered to sing along. I happily agreed because up until that point I was all alone for many years. What followed is Eric offered to send me lyrics to songs he wrote about the novel and other stories as well as sing. So together along with my songs and lyrics we also had his lyrics to use and with that combined I had an arsenal of material to constantly feed my creativity. This resulted in me to continuously write and record at my hearts desire. That went for a year with dozens of songs with us on singing duties. I wanted nothing more than to be able to create all the music myself and also be the singer yet I just can’t hit the notes necessary to bring to life what I hear in my head, so I finally made the decision to reach out and find someone who can sing the way I needed.

Through the site I came across the Turkish singer Berzan Onen who offers his services as a hired singer. The first song I had him do was Triumph over Anguish and the first time I heard it I was driven to tears and almost crashed my car. I spent almost 2 decades trying to make a song that people like and that can live on forever so after I heard that I knew it could happen, my lives work could be achieved. Soon we had Berzan redo all our favorites PF tunes leading up to that point and that became the album “Victory of the Champion”.

During the writing of Battle of the Defender a friend of Eric suggested his friend Ema Letić, who is a beautiful Croatian opera singer try to sing for Preludium Fury. After connecting with Ema we became friends and we had her redo again a few older Preludium Fury songs to see how it would go. That became the album that is out now Battle of the Defender, with Berzan singing my songs and Ema creating wonderful songs with lyrics written my Eric. One notable song which he wrote in an unknown alien angelic language called “Lyran Wars”!

How many offerings have you issued so far? I have seen that there are lot of full-lengths sometimes two in a year! And yet there’re lots of single as well…

Haha! My goal was to overload the world with metal until I got noticed. I make music as a hobby on weekends and after work so I guess I have the energy to make a lot of stuff. I record at home with basic home studio equipment. There are it looks like 6 full albums, 6 EP’s and 16 singles released in 3 years.

If I am correct all your released are self-released or you are working with some label? Are there any physical copies or all album are digital so to say?

Everything is self released, recorded, mixed and mastered. There is no label. Mostly digital releases. So far for Preludium Fury the “Kingdom of Hope” album got some physical copies made by Eric and I but printed in Croatia and there are still some of those floating around there. As of right now while writing this I am working on physical releases of the last two albums “Victory of the Champion” and “Battle of the Defender”. I am making these up for die hard fans and to sell at live performances.

Could you say us now little more about your cover artwork? Who has done the cover and what would you like to express by?

The first and second Preludium Fury album covers were made by graphic designer Romulo Dias. The cover for the album Kingdom of Hope was created by the world renowned artist Dušan Marković. Minus those three I made all the rest of the album and single covers myself. This way I save a lot of funds that I can use to make the music better and I like doing it also. It complements making music by creating some other art. Making the cover art helps me get inspired about the songs. I made so many music singles just so I could make the images for each song

When I was checking your music I’ve noticed many influences from various bands especially from 90s, but please could you name them?

So my main influences that I use for music compositions are Yngwie Malmsteen, Metallica and Dragonforce. For the latest album “Battle of the Defender” I went out of the way to make the riffs sound more punk inspired like 90’s early 2000 punk bands such as Bad Religion, Frenzal Rhomb, and Rancid. I think people noticed too. Having simple riffs with soaring power vocals and symphonic keyboards, I thought it would be a fun combination to hear and play.

Thank you so much metal heroes, Cheers!,

Jason Hall

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