DIAMOND KOBRA the new single hymn „Rise of the Legion“

DIAMOND KOBRA delivers the new single hymn „Rise of the Legion“ with guitar wizard Frank Pané (Bonfire, Sainted Sinners) on guitars – the first track of their next album.

Multi instrumentalist Tommy Geiger (ex-Palast) plays the bass guitar on this futuristic 1980s Heavy Metal track with strong Savatage and Crimson Glory influences.

Otto Løfgren says: „The new track is rooted in Dark Synthwave but is basically an epic heavy metal hymn with strong metal guitars.
We are very happy about the fact we now have kind of a band structure with Frank and Tommy.
Frank contacted us after the release of „Return of the Starbeast“ as he really digs our first two albums.

So we just tried to work on a track together and it was a perfect match directly from the start.

Frank already plays on 4-5 new tracks now and it’s a pleasure that we found each other.

In addition to this Tommy Geiger (who is also our producer – beside his work with Blind Guardian, Halloween, Saxon and so on)

is giving a lot of input with different instruments like keyboards and bass guitar. And he just has the vision how our style of music has to sound like.

Massive and epic. He’s a real professional and both guys are lifting the sound of DIAMOND KOBRA to the next level.

Artwork wise we are going into a more realistic direction, more into the high-end rendering video game graphic style like in Cyberpunk 2077.

We found a great artist from Italy, so the „Legion“ single artwork shows his first work for as: a 1967 Chevy Camaro in a futuristic night life scene.“

DIAMOND KOBRA – Rise of the Legion:
Otto Løfgren – Voice, Sampling, FX and Keys
B.B. Baconsson – Keys & Synthesizers
Frank Pané – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Tommy Geiger – Bass & Keys

Produced by Tommy Geiger and DIAMOND KOBRA
Mixed and mastered by Tommy Geiger
Distributed by Blood Blast Distribution under license of Quizar Records

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