After years and years of complete silence (at least when it comes to recording something) Hypocrisy has returned once more to rock the very foundation of earth perhaps for the final time, but anyhow Worship continues of what they are doing since Extreme Taste of Divinity which turned out no doubt to be their best album in a more than a decade. So, their new record is balanced somewhere between their latest to offers. Some songs are more faster and extreme done in classical Swedish mood and vibe like the opening tune Worship otherwise the things are different since some other tunes could take different approach. There no questions that their most evil mastermind Peter T. has used the situation and mixed the all feeling regarding the Covid situation and secret theories about global elite, aliens and virus although!

I have to say that the entire album sound quite ok, its nothing new, spectacular, but yet its well balanced and high profile as it could be after eight years of composing. So, what we could expect more after so many years of silence since 2013 when their latest offering, which was not band at all, was published and spread like a final decease all over the fucking globe! Peter T. is genius and there’s no help regarding this! Each tunes I well prepared and there’s aloes experience as well. I know after 30 years on the scene its hard to produce anything new, but Worship have some cool songs so the final result is quite ok at the end of the end.

Some tracks are really astonishing and you ‘ll need some time to get into the realms of their sound, but once you’re in you will enjoy your time like never before! My personal favorites are different form Childern of the Damned to Like a Bug in the Net or the closing one, but more or less, all the song are carefully written and shaped so the little masterpiece is here. The only thing that lucks is the cover artwork which is really below standers that i usually expect from Hypocrisy. Extreme has a perfect and most adorable cover love it and even previous record was this veil vibe and aurora, but the new one is really below standards, It could be more more better and inspiriting 🙂

Anyhow, perhaps this is not The Final Chapter or Virus, but still it has some cool vibes to offer, so we’re now focusing on the upcoming tour dates! Summer Breeze could be the first one as far as I could recall! Anyhow, one of the major releases in 2021!

Marko Miranovic 9/Nuclear Blast CD

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