OPERA DIABOLICUS Death on a pale Horse

Perhaps one of the best works that came from 2021. It took me longer since I have started to dig more into their latest work, since I was quite unfamiliar with the group but at the of the day it turn out to be really a great work, almost a little masterpiece. I could recall even a day during the last September when I’ve heard their debut song and already I was more then thrilled with the opening tunes and ideas. In a way, what Therion has stated long ago with Gottik Kabballah Opera Diabolicus has continued with their latest offering. To be honest this album is much better then the latest Therion issue although that Chronopher and co. have returned with Leviathan which was not bad at all, but still some vibes are missing (in this particular moment I am not still owning their latest issue).

Anyhow, the album is quite conceptual work from the very beginning until the final end and it has own vibes. I really love the music, vibes and the approach since the album starts to unveil its self piece by piece so you will not get anything all of a sudden. Very remarkable quest musicians have participated in crating of this particular masterpiece from Sweden. Actually, the entire team from GK was involved at least from male side so the final result sound indeed awesome and most epic! Hard to scribed all the musicians that were involved but yet we will made a few: Snowy Shaw, Mats Levan, Any La Roque, Michael Drenner and so on. There were many people all around as well playing some parts on classical instruments such as violins or flutes. So, what to expect from this work: heavy metal mixed with classical music in its best form, no more no less!

Since we’re facing now an endless and burning assault from the bands from Napalm that we rally dislike, Season of mist turned out to deliver much better offering and more artistic then Trollfest, Gloryhammer and alike. So, you like a deeper artistic expression, more classical music with some epic and marvelous references you are on the right place, or if you adore good old Therion from some like 17 years ago or even more… strongly recommended to devoted metal fans! One of the major releases that I would recommend from latest years alongside with Seth from Season of Mists rooster!

Marko Miranovic 10

Season of Mist CD

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