SETH La Morsure du Christ

Prime black metal in its best form! Latest offering from Seth is something that has really moved the black metal scene. After countless singed and unsigned Bandcamps bands from various black metal promotion YT channels I’ve found finally something that counts as the most serious and most mature black metal work in 2021! I strongly believe that La Morsure du Christ is the best black album that was published during last year! First of all these Frenchman’ve returned to their old style that they have started like 25 years ago, with their debut record which is one of the most played CD in my collection during last years, and that the best thing that they could ever done. I think that we’ve waiting for their new album like for a decade since I could recall that they did one record back then in 2013 or something like that. So, long time again has passed and they’ve returned with such a glorious effort!

Its not a secret that I am mostly tired of countless black metal bands popping up each day from various YT promotions, although some has something different and more vivid to offer. So, I am once more trying to focus my self on major companies in industry. Anyway, lets turned to Seth since they have succeeded to release and performed one masterpiece when it comes to ruined black metal scene from 90s. I always adore few black metal acts that were coming from France like Seth or Anorexia Nervosa. They were really great since they’re having their own vibes and style. Latest offering from Seth is a mixture from 90s black metal movement in the best form few levels both creative-wise and music-wise comparing to latest Cradle of Filth, which had not any particular effect on me! Seth has its own vibe, very aggressive and fast song-writing mixed with marvelous and epic atmosphere, less virtuous, but more based on killer riffing although they did have some astonishing keyboards here and there.

Moreover I do love the calmer moments as well so the combination is really nice and satanic as well. I always adored their occult approach to their style and music, both mystic and elegant, so it really gives some bonus credits to their occult and dark-some atmosphere. Also, the vocals play a greater role in the best possible way: they’re evil enough and good produced with the fluent music style.

There’s nothing left more to say about this particular record then its a pure masterpiece of black metal and one of the best record in a years! Hope to see them somewhere live since they are deserving this! With Opera Diabolicus and Seth SOM turned to be one of my favorites label in this moment! Anyhow, for those who are interesting they could read the latest interview with them on Metal Sound pages

Marko Miranovic 10/Season of Mist

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