STORMKEEP Tales From Othertime

I know that this band could stand as one of my favorites from 2021, but the things are slightly different. Of course, that the record has made an impact on me, it has some cool ideas, a mixture between melodic death and epic symphonic music but somehow they failed to empress me in the way that French based Seth black metal heroes veterans. It just happened that I was not able to get their style since I am more into bands like Tribulation or Opera Diabolicus during past few years. But none the less the record has its great potential and Stormkeep US based epic virtuous death metallers have delivered quite an interesting offering worth to be mentioned in 2021! At least they made one impacts on Bandcamp society where black metal promotion YT channel plays quite a big role aside of big labels and industry, which is quite interesting thing for itself.

A friend of mine has suggested that if their debut effort was released back then in like 25 years ago I will surly be delighted with the band but I was already having a sort of big problems with Caladan Brood, Emyl Muil and all these sorts of Summoning copy/cards which turned out to be quite popular, at least for some time. Maybe since their debut effort is too fluffy for my own stands but but we’re speaking here are more virtuous music based on fantasy literature where the cover artwork plays quite a big role. They do have some influences from COB, Wintersun, Ensiferum so I will recommend Stormkeep to people that love those bands but not the bands like Seth or Tribulation, on the other hand, this is something (completely) different. That explains why this style is not directly attracted by by any means. I think that even latest Mystic Circle or Agathodaimond have moved me in a way much then Stormkeep. Their style is based on virtuous keyboards, some mixture between chants and more black metal based vocals, in the veins of glorious 90s. Btw, love the picture and visual of the band that is more based on Swedish black metal movement from 90s. Do not get me wrong here and there one could track some moments even from classic Swedish black/death metal acts from 90s, or from Norway like Dimmu Borgir or Old Man’s Child.

Anyhow, if you like virtuous fantasy stuff that comes from Finland, not from Norway or Sweden!, you are safe to enter the realms of power of this US based band. Its not Eternal Champion, nothing close, but since the attention of media was moved towards this band I simply need to say few words about this one. But, anyhow I would love to see them somewhere live, it would be interesting!

Marko Miranovic 7/ Van Records CD

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