KEEP IT TRUE Blind Guardian Wurzburg 20.11.2021.

After almost two years of nothing we finally ended up on Keep it Ture. This was my first time ever that I have ever get a chance to visit this particular and legendary festival so it was like a double bonus. Of course, I was mainly interesting to see Blind Guardian after several years of pause, not only because of the Covid situation but also they didn’t play for such a longer time, but to be on Keep it True also did matter for several reasons.

So, it was a nice chance a sort of win-win. I’ve already heard so many tales, stories and rumors about this particular festival that happens in Germany that I was indeed thrilled. But unfortunately we’ve to missed the first night (such a pity since Candlmess has performed) so we were focusing more or less on the second evening where Blind Guardian has appear and make their live performance more or less based on their older stuff although they did some new things here and there. The opening act, was of course, as years before, taken from their latest effort Beyond the Red Mirror, but other-wise they played a lot of older stuff from their earlier carrier. So, if you were a hungry for a good show it was a nice chance to see what are they doing. They did some really good stuff like from Traveler in Time, Welcome to Dying to Somewhere Far Beyond, and if I am correct there was a lot of stuff performed from Somewhere Far Beyond album. From Journey to the Dark to The Bard’s Song in the Forest and Hobbit. So, it was a good chance to enjoy in classics. Moreover, they did some cool song Tales era including Majesty, Mirror Mirror, Nightfall and other songs that simply they need to play to please lager audience. The show was quite long almost 2 hours and perhaps one of their longer shows ever that I’ve watched. At that evening they also did Deliver Us From Evil which was yet a song to be released on their upcoming album, so we’re also focused to enjoy this one as well. I think if I count well that this was my 13th show of Blind Guardian.

Anyhow, I was also very interesting to see the entire Keep it True and to see some others bands playing, to see some people around. There was not a huge crowd, but the venue was quite big, so I think that was at least around 2,000 visitors which was quite ok taking a chance that there was one more attack of Covid during these few weeks in Germany and Austria. I’ve met finally with some people from industry that I was not able to see them for a long time of period so it was one very interesting and pleased night to recall. The bands were actually quite cool and aside of Blind Guardian Demon were also quite great and they were like high-light of the evening as well. Perhaps the only chance to see them for a while somewhere. I also missed Atlantean Kodex’s performance by chance since I was having a meeting and consulting with Blind Guardian inside their resting rooms because of the book that we’re writing.

A small talk and information about merchandise and venue: the venue was perfect one, its actually a hall of post or something like that, very huge, where a lots of audience could be placed so it was perfect to host such an event with a lots of people. When it comes to merchandise everything was almost sold out at the very first day from Blind Guardian stuff to Keep it True. I was only able to get the grau t-shirt of the festival. I was expecting a lots of stuff but yet it turned not to be the best one. I only got latest Helloween LP which was actually good enough to me. The problem was also that the people who were selling the stuff were starting to pick their stuff very earlier on the 2nd evening day so it was a problem.

So, I’ve completely my task-for the very first time I’ve seen Keep it True and I’ve seen Blind Guardian after years so we are now focusing on next tour Somewhere Far Beyond which likely will happened in September. And, yes, Keep it True turned out to be festival with the older audience that I’ve ever seen although I’ve seen quite a lot during pass years. It was a hard trip to Nurnberg and back but it was worth of doing at the end of the day!

One more time I am sending my greetings to all of my friends that have accompanied me that particular night and evening: Mark, Jurgen, Davide and Boris! You’re the best!

Marko Miranovic / photo @ Davide Sciaky November 2022

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