It’s indeed cool when some bands return after a long time of pause so the same has happened with German based gothic black metal band Agathodaimon. I have to say that I was a fun of this band since the very beginning since I could recall their glorious days but it was like 25 years ago with their debut work Blackened the Angel. I still recall that it was one of the best works ever when it comes to German black metal scene. Most of the German bands were luck of something but yet Agathodaimon did it with their first two or three offerings which were quite astonishing and interesting. There’s no questions they were among the best if not the best one that have ever arrived from Germany at least during later of 90s when this particular style was more popular!

But, after their 3rd opus Chapter III I lost somehow the link with the band since many other have appeared here and there and yet I was focused on some other upcoming groups during that time. But, they also released three more albums on Massacre if I am count well. So, after almost decade of pause and complete silence they’re returning with a good offering, quite better then their previous ones. I am not saying that this one could challenge their debut work or Higher Art of Rebellion, or even Chapter III, but still its a nice effort. It has a lot of good ideas, some parts are quite aggressive but with the orchestrations behind, while there are also some doom-like elements as well. I guess it depends from a song to song, since some tracks have more of a clean chanting. I have to admit that I love the orchestration parts and pieces more than anything. Sometimes The Seven remains me on latest album of Carach Angren, but I’ve to say that its better piece of work, more complex, more vivid, more serious! Moreover, it likely that The Seven has some musical vibes which are close to Chapter III at least in a way of the production which is indeed bombastic!

So, The Seven is quite a complex piece of work, with a lots of different moments, but yet elegantly packaged into some that has various influences, but yet all the ingredients are dark, vivid and monumental or epic. Mother of all Gods is perhaps the highlight of the entire album where their original singer from Romania (who can live now in Germany) has appeared with his vocals.

The only negative thing are the videos who were before the release date. I think that they completely miss the point and somehow ruined the grim and doom-like atmosphere on the record. Other-wise we are talking about one very well done return! Looking forward to see finally band of the stage for the very first time!

Marko Miranovic 7,5/Napalm Records CD

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