SATAN Earth Infernal

Traditional HM heroes Satan are here to stay and it is crystal clear. Rare is the story of comeback that worked so extremely well as it was the case with these legends from Newcastle, but now we can easily say that their post reformation output is easily better than their first incarnation. Hard words to say when you have album such as Court in the Act in your arsenal but bear in mind that Satan murdered everyone with their previous three albums and Earth Infernal is continuation of that story. Lads are not reinventing the wheel here just like before, their style is sturdy based in days of past both in playing and execution but the level of intensity and imagination os going through the roof. The production work sounds just like you are hanging out in Satan’s rehearsal room and listening to them banging out the tunes which adds to overall old school vibe. Everything here just sounds like you have unearthed some long forgotten classic you did not know about until now and you are about to enjoy to the full without any consideration of direction of today’s scene. It is so joyous too see people playing so fiery, just like they are flowing out this album straight out of their souls. The true strength of Earth Infernal lies in attention to every small detail – when you get down to listen to the music you will realize that the songs are filled with small and intricate details coming from all members, but without ruining the entire flow that goes seamlessly. Even though you will not find anything new here, I find it hard to find any fault with this release as it is so well rounded in every aspect. I think that we can say now that Satan is an anomaly, defying every possible law of logic in metal these days. Top quality albums are done by them like there is no tomorrow and we can only hope that this winning streak will go on as much as possible!

Slobodan Trifunovic (9)/Metal Blade Records CD

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