I cannot recall that I was attracted by any true black metal release since along time ago, but finally there’s something that I could write about. Order of Nosferat are most likely a fresh band to me, and this duo comes from two different countries s Germany and Finland. They style and music are closer to what Lunar Aurora has done during the 90s, I would say, with some dark-romantic vibes and eerie yet mystreious atmosphere but also with some more vampiric image which, of course, I adore even more!

There’s no need to tell that I was attracted in a moment by their cover artwork. Then I have learned that Nachtmusic is their 3rd opus and that they are quite active delivering like 3 album within two years or something like that. So, after 1000 bands that are sounding quite similar, and pop-upcoming form different parts of the world Order of Nosferat has their own vibes, history, tradition and musical background. Its a good mixture between some necro black metal but more with hypnotic vibes and some cool ration of background or even leading keyboards. I also enjoy keyboard-based intermezzo which makes music more eerie and epic as well.

There are some strong German vibes and influences from 90s, from Lunar Aurora to I would say Nargaroth, and that’s quite obvious but the guys have manage to make something more original. I dare to say that Nachtmusik is their best and most mature offering by far, complex piece of work with malicious vampiric atmosphere. The music is not too aggressive, but most likely its calmer with the story-like more focus on creating some mysterious even dark-romantic vibes which is a trademark of some more prominent of German bands.

So, all of a sudden I found a new fresh group with some cool stuff to offer. I am really looing forward to get their latest stuff of CD and flag as well 🙂 If you’re a lover of more grim but also atmospheric vibes I should recommended Order of Nosferat to you!

Makro Mirnaovic (8)

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