THYRFING Vanagandr

After 8 years of silence Thyring has returned with most likely one of their best and the most matured record ever compared and recorded. It took me sometimes to focus myself on their latest offering. I still recall that I loved band so much when I was just young lad that was fascination by various Viking black metal bands hailing from different states of Scandinavia, from Einherjer to Borknagar to Thyrfing. I really liked their first two or three records and was quite hyped when these CDs were out. Their early style was quite influenced by mighty Bal-Sagoth. Later, starting back from their 4th full-length they have started to checked their style into something else more serious I would say, but less romantic an epic.

Vanagandr is a complex of their latest music achievements delivering more serious tuff, based on some folk elements and Nordic mythologic but having some romantic yet aggressive vibes as well. So, people reacted on their latest effort quite well. I would say that there are some traces of influences from latest Moonsorrow’s offerings as well. But, anyhow Thyrfing are having their own vibes and their are masters of their style.

Vanagandr is really remarkable piece of work with a lots of cool and epic ideas, but also with darker atmosphere as well. The song are cleverer vibes and composed being atmospheric and epic in both terms. Some song are indeed great composed with such a great tune and the entire record sounds quite fluent and unique as well. Its a combination between killer guitar riffing, solos and keyboards which are not too dominate I would say, but yet everything is quite well woven in one good and cool piece of work.

Comparing to some more popular pagan stuff that we have faced during last decade Thyrfing are a jewel among the zircons! Highly recommended, perhaps one of the major releases in 2021! It will be indeed welcome to see the band somewhere performing live!

Makro Miranovic (9)

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