ABBATH Dread Reaver

I could hardy say that I was expecting anything spectacular this time from Abbath. Abbath’s 2nd full-length Outsider was quite a cool release since it has its own heavy vibe, but when it comes to his latest vision I could not say that its the best one. Perhaps I was having some more good tunes and vibes after I liked Outsider, but it turned out to be a different song. Its more that he tried something out but the entire vision was not in the best way shaped so to say so the final product do not sound as best as it could be. Actually, we could go even further and say this is his weakest record ever.

Anyhow. Dread Reaver comes after his hilarious behavior so its like a returning point. Now everybody marks him as a sort of a black metal clown. This has become as a trademark to him in one way or another. But, when it comes to music it seems that he tried something different to delivered this time more in the vibe in some Motorhead structure. Hard to say what his aim was but anyhow the final result looks like the cover artwork. Of course, the entire album sounds quite ok, but everybody was expected something better. So, all in all we could conclude that latest immortal’s record is much, much better then Abbath’s latest material.

I started to listen his latest full-length in the same time when I started to check out for the reviewing latest records from Dark Funeral and Lord Belial, and definitely, Abbath’s brand new offering is the weakest record among these 3 bands. Lord Belial has deliver the best record, there’s no questions about it.

Of course, there’s not going to be any interviews with Abbath since I guess for him its even hard to talk but yet he succeeded after all what has happened to deliver one more offering in his career for bad or worse one could not guess.

Marko Miranovic (6)

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