Summer Breeze 2016 Line Up bands



This will be a great party! With EQUILIBRIUM at SUMMER BREEZE 2016 you can count on a sea of longhaired headbanging and shouting metalheads. Singer Robse has got the crowd firmly in the grip of one hand while holding a beer with the other. It doesn’t even matter whether it’s mead or beer flowing from the stage. The most important thing is the killer time you can have witnessing an epic metal performance by EQUILIBRIUM.

Folk, viking, pub – EQUILIBRIUM deliver. Although already among the veterans, they are still as motivated as ever. The Bavarians will prove this once again at this (almost) home game in Dinkelsbühl. Be there when EQUILIBRIUM turn it up to eleven!


Playing doom since 1990, MY DYING BRIDE are the true definition of en evergreen. Already in 1995 guitarist Andrew Craighan said: “We have a certain group of subjects we usually write about: Sex, death and religion.” 20 years later, SUMMER BREEZE can proudly announce that songs with this subject matter will be presented on the Dinkelsbühl stage – dark, gripping and with a captivating charm, which MY DYING BRIDE have been exuding for over two decades.
Feel the sorrow, the pain, the damnation – MY DYING BRIDE have enough for everyone. If there was a measure for goosebumps, the abbreviation would be MDB! Measuring human emotions is one of the biggest challenges of the future, so let us start testing at SUMMER BREEZE in Dinkelsbühl in August 2016.

FEAR FACTORY are without a doubt among hard music’s established acts, even though their success back in the day came practically over night: After their first small tour promoting “Soul Of A New Machine” their career just exploded. But gladly their fate wasn’t that of one of those one-hit-wonders who are here today and gone tomorrow. So one killer album followed the next. We hope Dino and Burton will offer a comprehensive retrospective of their career at SUMMER BREEZE, and we are sure there


The grand masters of the finest British surgical steel will make all fans’ mouths water: CARCASS will be doing the honours in Dinkelsbühl!

What the band have achieved since their new beginning is worthy of all the praise: They have played countless killer live shows, as well as released and album that seamlessly continues where the old classics left off. If your thing is the perfect mix between death metal, rot and roll elements and huge melodies, paired with first-class musical chops, you can look forward to a massive show of this British institution at SUMMER BREZE 2016.