ACCUSER The Forlorn Divide

557698German thrash metal cult band Accu§er is back with their 10th studio album entitled The Forlorn Divide, their first one for Metal Blade, to prove to us one more time that their reformation was good idea overall; after wanderings in the first half of 90s with trendy groove sound Accu§er has returned to what they do best and that is – to thrash and to do it hard. You all know that they are from Germany and that they exist ever since second half of the eighties but you would be wrong to expect some Sodom clone. The Forlorn Divine also shows crystal clear that Accu§er took a lot of their cues from American scene, be it in groove which is well controlled in this album, or riffs and melodies so if I have to make some comparisons, I would say that Accu§er nowadays sounds somewhere in between post reformation albums of Exodus and Destruction. Crystal clear production is ever present, Accu§er is mainly thrashing their way throughout the course of The Forlorn Divide but they also know how to implement some modern moments which do not spoil overall sound picture. Fast tempo would maybe trick you that Accu§er is simpler that they already are but if one takes some time with the album, it’s easy to hear that the band invests a lot of time into their arrangements and that they are very good players, it’s just that they know how to implement it cleverly into the song. Accu§er are not going into Mekong Delta territory with proggy stuff, maybe the closest example from Germany would be Vendetta or Paradox but I would say that Accu§er is a bit more aggressive than both of those bands. All in all, The Forlorn Divide is another good slab of thrash metal in tried and true Accu§er way and Metal Blade has decided to seriously thrash the beginning of this year with the new albums of Accu§er, Exumer and Artillery – we could just be happy for that fact!

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)