ACCUSER The Mastery

682585Accuser are definitely one of these veteran bands with older kind of sound that was more popular during early 90s. But, anyway they continued to deliver their records since 1987 regularly without any pause between 2010-2018. If you have heard them just for a moment you’ll surly guess that Accuser are coming from the shores of USA, but instead of that they’re from Germany.

The Mastery stands somewhere between thrash metal influences, but less traditional, and more groovy. Their brand new effort actually has brutally and quite a massive sound, but also there are quite melodic parts as well. So, the final result sounds quite mixed with different songs. While some stuff is more brutal, on the other hand, some other songs could have even more heaviness in the guitars’ work. The work surly has some noticeable quality within, its just a matter of taste I think. I guess that the veteran fans would more adore their style. The production could be labeled as polished one, which just goes with their style. When it comes to vocals they are ones of a more brutal type.

So, all in all, if you are into some thrash metal but more with groovy elements you are invited to check out the latest offering from Accuser. I guess that I am too much absorbed with traditional HM 🙂

  • Metal Blade CD
  • Marko Miranovic (7)