Amberian-Dawn-InnuendoFinnish melodic metallers Amberian Dawn are working in full steam so just one year after Magic Forest we have their new album entitled Innuendo in front of us; Innuendo is already their 6th full length (if we don’t count re-recordings’ release Re-Evolution) in less than ten years so one would expect the inevitable fall of quality with such tempo. That is simply not the case with this band as mastermind Tuomas Seppälä is filled to the brim with inspiration so I wholeheartedly encourage him to write as many albums as possible and cease the moment as much as he can – after all, we cannot have too much of a good stuff. Tuomas has announced Innuendo to be the most vocally driven Amberian Dawn in band’s history which is something that I found very cool – it should be said that this is second album with Capri behind the microphone, whom I find to be the ultimate choice for Amberian Dawn. I don’t want to take anything away from ex singer Heidi but her operatic style was already done (by you-know-who) and not that exciting in my opinion, even though it was technically proficient. On the other hand, Capri uses very natural technique and sounds much more charming so she has truly breathed new life into Amberian Dawn and brought them on some new levels, for my taste anyway. To return back to music, I can say that Tuomas’ description of Innuendo is pretty accurate as everything revolves here around huge refrains and catchy vocal lines that take you through the story. Truly the refrains are the most shining aspect in every song on the album, as it should be with any proper band anyway, and represent the songs in themselves almost so you will be able to sing them after the first encounter with Innuendo. That being said, the tracks themselves are very different from one another – you will hear everything from pirate hymn Fame & Gloria, mid tempo The Court of Mirror Hall, tender ballad Angelique, fast Rise of the Evil which also includes even blastbeats all the way to Knock Knock Who’s There which is pretty similar to ABBA (wait till you hear it). I would also say that the whole album carries somewhat baroque mystical atmosphere which is tied nicely to that mystical cover art. While we’re at it, I’d like to digress a bit at the end and answer to all those naysayers who accuse Amberian Dawn to be mere copy of Nightwish: their more famous colleagues are nowadays much more into huge productions and proggier song structures while Amberian Dawn are closer to traditional power and neoclassical metal with virtuoso playing used mainly to spice up the bridges in songs, I have no problem to differentiate the two band and neither should have any careful listener. To conclude this review: along with acts such as Leaves’ Eyes, Xandria and Delain, Amberian Dawn represents the top of sympho/melodic metal nowadays which is proven once again with Innuendo so if you are into this style make sure to check out this album and catch them on tour with Delain and Gentle Storm!

  • Napalm Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)