ANTIMATTER The Judas Table


400x400 (1)This may sound a bit cliche, but sixth album of Mick Moss’ project Antimatter comes in just the right time of the year: Autumn is setting in, we generally tend to get more introspective and quiet so The Judas Table comes along to be fully digested in the fitting atmosphere. Some people did not like 2012’s Fear of a Unique Identity which I do not understand since it was just fine release, but from the get go The Judas Table feels just better than that album and I think that we can safely put it in the upper part of Antimatter’s discography. Mick has reached wide and deep for the inspiration this time around as The Judas Table deals with loss, betrayal and dissapointment in human relationships – very vast array of threads that go very well with Antimatter music. I think that you know by now that the band performs dark rock of very atmospheric ilk, that is the base of their sound but Mick do know how to spice things here and there with occasional outbursts of distortion, still never crossing the border of metal. On the other hand, you will get to hear a lot of calm acoustic passages that will suck you in along with the lyrics that follow them. On top of everything comes Mick with his persuasive delivery – he is maybe not the most technically advanced singer in the world but his voice is commanding and fragile in the same time, it is obvious that he has created this music and deeply believes in it. All in all, you have understood by now that The Judas Table is not something game changing in Antimatter’s world but the songs are just good, the atmosphere feels right, you can simply tell that Mick was very inspired while writing the album and it shows off in spades. I do not want to make some fake rivalry but the connections do exist so I just have to say that for my money Antimatter is way superior to Anathema nowadays. They have went to overtly positive waters and can even sound banal from time to time, while Mick is keeping the spirit of this style intact after all these years so if you are into his old works or miss Anathema when they did the similar music make sure to check out The Judas Table…

  • Prophecy Productions CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan (8)