ARMORED SAINT Carpe Noctum  

40924Armored Saint must be one of the most underrated purveyors of American heavy metal, battling for decades through loss of key members, change of musical trends and releasing great albums in the meantime – they have truly seen and been through it all. Their career has got sudden resurgence with the success of 2015’s album Win Hands Down; the band got great critics by fans and journalists alike and has done some good tours and on the wings of that momentum they have decided to release the live album that we have here. Carpe Noctum is only the second live release in the history of Armored Saint (the first one being 1988’s Saints Will Conquer) and it is notable that this one is also very short as the first one, as it seems Armored Saint like to keep their live albums short and sweet. Carpe Noctum clocks in mere 39 minutes and features just mere 8 songs which is a pity considering that the band has really rich back catalog. It is true that they have chosen the songs from all eras of the career but some jewels are left out…. Armored Saint live album without Can U Deliver, really guys? Carpe Noctum was recorded at Wacken Open Air 2015 and Aschaffenburg, Germany and I must admit that I prefer live albums which were recorded at one occasion so the flow of the live gig is not interrupted. Truth be told, the work on Carpe Noctum is done well enough so one does not feel the disruption while listening to the entire release. The sound also carries fine live feeling and John Bush is at the top of his game, as if the years cannot do him any harm. After all, Carpe Noctum turned out to be good live presentation of Armored Saint’s power and it has captured the successful period in band’s history quite nicely so it is recommended for fans of this troop.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Trifunovic Slobodan