ARTILLERY Penalty By Perception

560470Here we have the 8th studio album of Danish metal institution Artillery entitled Penalty By Perception which shows that their reunion was far away from mistake than possible, every next album being better than the previous one and I can say even now that Penalty By Perception is the best Artillery album in the new millennium. It would not be fair to compare it to old cult releases nor I intend to do it but believe me when I say that Penalty By Perception can easily stand on its own two legs as one full blooded thrash metal release that will please old fans and neophytes alike. Its predecessor 2013’s Legions introduced two new members into the fold, drummer Josua Madsen and vocalist Michael Basthol Dahl, and one can feel that they have merged with the rest of the band just fine as Penalty By Perception features better chemistry and flow that is palpable. When one dissect Penalty By Perception deeper, intricate arrangements can be easily found (which was always trademark of Artillery) but the band know how to thrash you real good – just take the title track for the proof of my words! On top of everything come cool vocals of Michael, I must say that I dig his approach as he is not your standard thrash shouter – the band found him in Mercyful Fate cover band and he bring some heavy/power flavor into the fold which just feels fresh and different. When we have mentioned Mercyful Fate, it should be said that Artillery have brought some high profile guests for this release: Michael Denner and Hank Shermann as well as Morten Sandager (Pretty Maids) have all given their talents to Penalty By Perception so this release also carries some sort of national metal pride, so to say. I also have to compliment the production of the record, it sounds truly clear but far away from modern loudness war nonsense so it is tailor made to be played loud. All in all, Penalty By Perception is one album that is well rounded in all possible aspect which stands far above new albums of much more popular bands such as Anthrax or Slayer. Their success and huge money became curse for them while Artillery have soldiered on and on for decades and Penalty By Perception is one more proof of their immense quality.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)