ARP_Game_Of_Sins_printAxel Rudi Pell has just issued his brand new album which is one more record that could be labeled as classical album from the master of melodic Heavy Metal. All those who are into his style I think that would dig the newer stuff since it has much quality and melodies to offer as it was like before.

The opening theme Fire truly represent Axel and his new material in the best possible light. It seems that Axel din’t want to experiment so he has delivered one issue which is very close style wise to his other works. Games of Sin is pulsing with powerful melodies and indeed marvelous guitar solos. So, if you are into his previous works you know what to expect but also the newcomers are always welcome and I think that Games of Sin is a cool record if they are wanted to catch themselves in Axel’s style. In a way I think that Games of Sin was a kind of sure shot if you get what I mean. You have classic song writing with hymn like refrains, traditional HM riffing and cool atmosphere. Everything here sounds so easy and catchy as well.

Those who are more into melodic stuff will surly dig for Axel’s new record. There’s no reason to worry here everything stands as before.

  • Miodrag Sretenovic (8)
  • SPV/Stramhammer CD