You still got seven weeks of dusting Your bones before the festival hell breaks out, but we have already revealed 95% of the line-up and right now we’re bringing You the festival SCHEDULE, where You can find out which bands play in the respective days.

Also we are again giving You the opportunity to create Your own Brutal Assault poster! Our simple website app lets You pick 10 of Your favourite bands from this year’s line-up and put them in order based on Your preferences. In the next step You can add info about the total number of editions You’ve visited and then we’ll generate the poster for You. The poster is available for download or sharing on Your facebook page. There are several genre-centred versions of the poster based on the selected bands, so we have something for everyone! As a bonus, You can win the festival hardcover book we put out last year to celebrate 20 years of the festival and festival hoodie simply by sharing Your poster on facebook! Available designs are here and here.

The rules are easy, 10 randomly selected people, who will share their line-up poster with the ‪#‎mybrutalassault‬ hashtag on facebook will receive the festival book or the hoodie. The merch is to be picked up at the festival on Your ID card. Beware, the post must be set as “public” otherwise we won’t be able to see it so it couldn’t enter the draw. Otherwise it’s pretty simple, just share Your line-up poster on Your timeline or set it as Your cover photo and add the aforementioned hashtag. The winners will be announced June 30th! Find the poster app here