BLACK TRIP Living on the Shadow Line

Swedish metallers Black Trip are back with their second full length entitled Shadowline and we have invited legend of their homeland’s scene Peter Stjärnvind who is playing guitar here for one informative chat…


Hello Black Trip and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?

Hello Metal sound! We’re doing great! We’re looking forward to come out and tour the new album!

I think that this is your first interview for some Serbian media so could you try and introduce Black Trip in just a few words?

We’re a hard rock band that plays music the way it sounded in the late 70’s, early 80’s. With influences from bands like Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, and Blue öyster cult.

Three of your members have large pedigree in legendary extreme metal bands, was this transition to traditional sound hard for you guys? 

Yes, and no. Not really. We have all of us always being listening to classic hard rock. It’s in our bloodstream. Of course it’s a huge difference for me to switch from drums to guitar. But being in a band is always sort of the same. Hard work, and a lot of fun!

I f I am right, Black Trip is brainchild of Peter Stjärnvind and this idea took year to made into something real, can you please tell us something about this embryonal phase of the band?

It all started as an idea in my head back in 2004. After a couple of years with writing songs, and throwing left over songs away. I ended up with the songs that would become the Goin’ Under album. It all took form when I asked Joseph to try to demo some vocals in 2011.

Your debut album Goin’ Under had success in some circles, were you surprised by this and how do you view this album from nowadays’ perspective?

I was totally unprepared for the great reviews when Goin’ Under came out. It was a joy. But it was a surprise. I never thought about it more then to get the album done for my own self. To get the songs out of my head. And to come out and play the first album live gave me a boost to write more music. That would become Shadowline.

Two years after your debut comes your second album Shadowline which is about to be unleashed at the end of August – how are you satisfied with the album’s final outcome and is there something you would change from this perspective?

It was actually easier to write songs for the Shadowline album. Since we become more of a band since the first album. Playing a lot live made us a lot tighter as a unit. We’re all pleased with the new album. But now when it’s done, I’m already writing new songs. The show must go on!

I think that the album have all the good elements of Goin’ Under and took them further and it sounds to me like crossing between Thin Lizzy and first two Maiden albums, how would you comment upon this statement?

It’s all up to the listener to here what they here. Being compared to Thin Lizzy and Iron maiden is great credit as a hard rocker! I don’t tend to think when I’m in stage of writing when it comes to influences. I’m satisfied when the songs sound like Black trip.

This is your second album for huge label SPV, how did you came in contact with this label and how are you satisfied with your cooperation until now?

We released booth album via Alex Hellid’s label Threeman Recordings and distributed it through SPV. We’ve been really satisfied with their work. The Shadowline vinyl, 1000 copies are already sold out! And we’ve sold out on the first 4500 copies of the cd already! And the album came out only five days ago. We’re waiting for the second pressing now.

You have probably noticed that your kind of sound is back again and retro bands are all the rage today, what do you think sets Black Trip apart from the rest and what does it take to be noticed now?

That’s true. There’s a lot of bands playing classic rock nowadays. But I would like to think that we have a space to fill with a sound between the late 70’s, early 80’s. And when it gets down to the point. It’s all about the songs. And a lot of people seems to like it, which is great!

Are you perhaps planning any videos for the promotion of Shadowline and do you feel that videos are necessary at all today?

I think so. It’s a good way to in a easy way show how we look and sounds. We’re in the midst of making a video for the song Danger.

If I am right you have not played outside of Sweden yet, is that about to change soon? Are some touring plans for the promotion of Shadowline already made?

We’ve played one show outside of Sweden. Last spring we went down and played a festival in Athens, Greece. We’re leaving for a two week long tour in Germany and Holland in the end of September. It’s gonna be a blast!

That would be all for this time, I would like to wish you all the best and thank you for this conversation! Your last message to Serbian readers…

Stay tuned for the album! And book us for some shows in Serbia! All the best!

  • Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic
  • Answers by Peter Stjärnvind