BORKNAGAR Winter Thrice

Press_Cover_01After four years of waiting Borknagar, Norwegian pagan metal horde, has unleashed their brand new offering, done, more or less, in the style of their previous record Urd. Perhaps the most interesting moment is that Garm has returned with the contribution in one song and this particular track, named after the album’s title, turned out to be the most remarkable track on the entire record with such an old and nostalgic atmosphere.

So, the band has once more released one issue that is worth of mentioning. There’s noticeable quality and many other things that one could find here. Also, there’s a noticeable balance between being more melodic, but also there are more aggressive moments as well. And, it turned out to be a trademark ,not only for Borknagar, but also for many other bands within the genre, but, yet Borknagar and few alike are the most prominent and most successful bands around. So, the guitar riffing is dominate, but also here and there, one could notice some keyboard’s lines as well. The sound is full, epic and sometimes even orchestral. And, we have now four singers here, but two are the most prominent: you can once more enjoy in Simen’s vocal bravura plus Vintersorg has done both black metal performing and some clean vocals, too.

I could go even further and say that the new record is an answer to their previous effort Urd, or that Winter Thrice stands as a sequel and that is perhaps the most precise labeling of their brand new offering. Never the less, Borknagar has once more succeeded to deliver a good issue just like many times before but, yet I am slightly more found of Urd.

  • Century Media CD
  • Marko Miranovic (7,5)