BRIMSTONE COVEN Beyond the Black

Occult rockers Brimstone Coven have just released their third full length album entitled Black Magic for mighty Metal Blade, singer John Williams is here to share with us all necessary info about this album and band.


Hello Brimstone Coven and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?

We are all doing really well. Especially after the release of Black Magic on Metal Blade Records. The response from the fans has been phenomenal. And the amount of new fans that we have gained has also kept us up.

Your debut album for huge Metal Blade called Black Magic is just about to be unleashed so how do you feel about it? Are you satisfied with fans and critics’ initial reactions?

The input that we’ve received, since the three songs were put out for everybody to hear, has been awesome. Of course, you’re going to have bad feedback. But that’s why there are MILLIONS of other bands. If you don’t like it, go listen to something you do. And thanks for the input.

While we are at it, please tell us something about the first years of the band and your first two releases, how do you see that period of your career?

At that point in time we were just a local band performing for our friends. Occasionally we would slip to a neighboring state and try to gain a few new fans. Did we think that we would be asked to get signed to Metal blade? No. Not at all. We did for you, eventually, that it would blow up at some point. So, we did what we could with what we had so that it would. And apparently we did a pretty damn good job.

I think that Brimstone Coven is very good band but let’s be honest here, it is very easy nowadays to be seen as retro band playing this style of music. How do you view this situation and what has drawn you to this style in the first place?

What drew us to this style was our influences. All of them being 60s 70s retro rock and roll. That’s what we grew up on. And no I don’t think its hard being a retro rock and roll band in the now. There’s just some mystical force that pulls you to it. Not only that. You can capture a wider age range of fans. Some people would say it’s just easier to play. I strongly disagree.

One very important feature of your band are the lyrics and you have taken considerably strong darker route here. Tell us something about the musical themes of Black Magic and why do you think it important for you to deal with those themes?

I don’t feel that we took a stronger approach on the lyrics. No matter what, there is going to be darkness in this world. We just tell stories about it. Everything that has a light side, also has a dark one. Take “Black Unicorn” for example. A Unicorn is a beautiful, majestic creature. Now what if it came from hell? What if its father was Satan himself? What would he look like? What’s his purpose? We just tell the story to answer those questions. “Slow Death” Is about a woman. At one minute you are deeply in love with this woman. The next minute she is killing you emotionally. But in some masochistic way, you stay there. Through all that torture. That is what slow death is about.

Please add some words about the bewitching front cover for Black Magic as I find it to be very cool and enthralling…

We debuted the three witches on the first Metal Blade release. They were in an almost beginning stage of their witchcraft. With Black Magic they are now performing. The three tangled in a mess of wind and fire. They became more of our mascots.

Does any member of Brimstone Coven takes active part in the world of occult or you enjoy this topic strictly in theory?

I cannot answer for everybody in the band. I can say that the subject does peak our interests. Corey loves to research Aliens, the universe, Satanism, witchcraft. You name it. If it’s weird and dark. He likes it.

I saw that you have just unleashed the video for title track Black Magic so please tell us something about the recording and your opinion on the final result of it.

We were all very happy with the end result of that video. We wanted to go for a retro looking video. But we also wanted to bring the fans to our home. To our practice area. The live shots that were filmed for that video, we’re in our band room. Every time we perform we feel it is a ritual. Including at practice. What you see when we are playing live, we feel, is what the theatrical side of the video was. Altogether, it was a very fun experience. Tom Fitzgerald did an amazing job.

The last month was a sad period for rock as we have lost some legitimate true legends like Lemmy, David Bowie, and Jimmy Bain… How do you feel about this blank period of time, the reality is that we the old gods are mortal and soon we will lose all those great bands.

It was a very sad month indeed. But no one should see them as being gone. Yes their body has died. Their soul hasn’t left. Grab any album from David Bowie, Motorhead, The Eagles. Play it. You hear them. They’re not gone. They can still have an impact on your soul through their music.

Are some tours for the promotion of Black Magic already planned, can we expect to see you in Europe in the next few months?

Right now we are in the process of looking for a booking agent. We would like to start with a US tour. As far as when, I can’t release that information. As soon as we get enough money, we are heading overseas. We want to play worldwide. Just keep checking in. We will let you know.

That would be all for this time, I would like to thank you for this chat and wish you all the best! Your last words….

We want to thank you for having us for the interview. We also want to thank our fans for their never ending support. We love every one of you. Our Brimstoners. We will see you on the road.

  • Answers by John Williams
  • Questions by Zvonko Savic