CARACH ANGREN Seven Pairs of the Demon’s Eyes

Carach Angren is definitely one of the best black metal days today! Their music is indeed great and marvelous. And, finally they have found the most suitable label for their music namely: Season of Mist. And, after two years they’ve again back with yet another brilliant record ” Where the Corpses Sink Forever”. So, influnced by older Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth these Hollanders has succeeded to create one masterpiece and mark my words yet they will develop their style and their popularity and respect among black metal lovers will grow!

Hello! Please, for the beginning of the interview could you present your third issue ”Where the Corpses Sink Forever” to readers of Metal Sound Magazine?
Hallo! ”Where the Corpses Sink Forever” is a symphonic black metal album containing nine tracks: An intro, seven songs and an interlude in the middle (vocals/keys/drums). Carach Angren uses ghosts, hauntings and horror as a main feature on its concepts-albums. For this album ”war” was the main theme. It’s songs describe seven horrible tales about certain persons in different war situations. If you have an open imagination and passion for horror, this album will get your attention. Off course you can never please every soul but the reactions so far about the album (concept, sphere, intensity etc.) are great to us. We are very proud and can say personally, that we have sure as fuck reached our goal, since we went for this haunting-war concept in the first place!

Once again you did one lyric-wise and music-wise conceptual album so what can you tell us about the background story that new album follows this time?
When we thought of an appropriate legend about war for Carach Angren. We could’t come up with an existing horrific tale. So we started to write our own stories. There’s so much death in war that it is difficult to come up with good horror lyrics. So let me explain how the album works: It starts with the intro where an executioner has to liquidate seven prisoners in a war situation. All seven prisoners tell their own tragedy in the next seven songs. So it’s not all about the same war. The first tale ”Lingering in an imprint haunting” is about a grim situation in Vietnam. Then there’s ”The funerary dirge of a violinist” about a Russian musician who chooses music and death above fighting. ”Little Hector, what have you done!?” oioioi! This is one of my most brutal lyrics hehe About a haunted house where’s really ugly shit happens. Yes! The Nazis were responsible for this one. Never will Carach Angren be about racism! But if we must tell a dark story about ghosts and war? Well, They simply stood for pure evil back then. In our tale, their brutalities left a murderous haunting behind. Anyway here you have seven dark tales. These seven prisoners/tales are manifested as some sort of demon. You can see them in our artwork. The last song connects the storylines somehow together.It’s about the executioner himself who’s tortured by the sickening images of the prisoners he killed. He is chained in his own timeless Hell. We just wanna come up with good ghost-stories. We always will be about ghosts. They say there are ghosts, malevolent spirits and demons. And our ghosts tent to be quite demonic on this album 😉 We thought war was the appropriate concept for this album and war/horror movies were an inspiration.

With ”Where the Corpses Sink Forever” you did a perfect symphonic black metal record but also there and there one could notice some traditional heavy metal especially when it comes to guitar moments. Any comments concerning the guitar influences this time?
Hehe I’’s cool to hear what kinds of styles people like you recognize. Sometimes I find it hard to have strong opinions about what people hear even in my own music. Oke you’re right! There are more riffs that are obviously not black or death metal –style. I remember when I wrote that slow riff after the blasts on the first song “Lingering in an imprint haunting” Ardek’s reaction was; WHAUAHahaha is this your fucking emo/punk side or what?! hehe But he liked it! 🙂 So you see. Ardek sends me his music that he just has composed. And I’m just sitting here trying to write an appropriate guitar-riff over that. I don’t listen much to other bands anymore. Especially not during the writing process. We don’t think in styles or something. We literally have that little radar in our heads. We can hear a hundred sounds or riffs and say; Yeah okey..Cool. Then comes this one guitar-line were we say: YESSSSS!!!! That’s the right one! It’s all about feeling and I’m glad we have the opportunity for all this. You know I’m the kind of guy who began to listen to faith no more when I still was a pisser. Then Rage against the machine, Sepultura…Without paying much attention to bands like Metallica I was a fully dedicated Death metal fan when I was 16. Cannibal corpse and Deicide where my religions heheh. And later on Black metal had even more in it for me. So I don’t know. Lots of our writing is unconscious I think. It’s all about that little radar telling us we have a ”go” And later on in interviews like this I have to explain about some traditional heavy metal influences where I know ”fuck” about HAhahah. Let’s say Carach Angren is a band of many styles and influences.

Are you satisfied with the reaction of the media and the people who love your music so far when it comes to new album? I mean, I’ve already read many very positive reviews in various webzines and magazine worldwide.
Yes off course! Very satisfied ! Like said not every soul could be impressed but there’s no complaining for Carach Angren. We are proud evil happy motherfuckers! 🙂 It only contributed to a certain energy to write more and more. We are brainstorming already for new material.

Your second album ”Death Came through a Phantom Ship” and your latest record are actually music-wise very close albums. But, yet, here and there you add few newer elements in your music. What is the difference and similarity between those two albums?
Well I think our style simply developed and I believe we are writing songs nowadays that are more unique. If you listen to our demo-songs, one could say they sound more standard melodic black metal compared to this album. This development you can hear from the D.C.T.A.P.S. to this one. Also Ardek’s way of composing get better and sicker. He write’s mainly the beginning of all music. His sounds and skills improved. His music naturally fills in on my guitar-lines. I love to write on that shit! 😀 So I think not much changed. Everything just evolved a bit. More sounds, better writing, another concept etc.


How do you look now on your debut opus ”Lammendam” released some 4 years ago? It seems that lovers of your music still adore this piece of work. is there any hope for the re-release of this CD since it’s very hard now to find it anywhere.
Yes! I’m very proud of Lammendam. It’s concept is about an unknown saga that happened a few miles from where I live. This way I have claimed my own little ghost-story in a most satisfying way. No! I can easily go to sleep with Lammendam. And because we switched labels these days, there were some difficulties with getting the album indeed. But this problem should be solved any moment. Lammendam will be re-released with a few extra re-recorded demo-songs !

You influences are more than noticeable and most of them are coming directly from 90s. People now usually compare your music with Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth, but those who are more into black metal could find some influences from Anorexia Nervosa and Tartaros as well.
I never have problems when people compare us with them. I still listen to their albums. But only the older once. That’s where my roots are a bit. But Carach Angren is also into bands like Dark funeral, Mayhem, Marduk and Cannibal Corpse. All that is hard! It’s hard to say we are influenced by this or that band. It’s this great world…all these bands before us somehow made. This is what we wanted! To make that same fucking music that we listened to non-stop. I think that Ardek with all his sounds, creates music where everybody hears something in. I mean allot already has been done in this style of music. Sometime we can agree with people. And sometimes they hear influences that we even never heard of heheh. Also we tend to spend more time in being influenced rather by movies, than by bands. And yeah! For me Tartaros is a perfect horrormovie-black metal expression. That gloomy old ghostbuster –atmosphere. Just like Cradle did with their vampire-Adams family thing what inspired us so back then. Limbonic Art and Emperor also belong in that street for me. All examples we still look up too.

Once again you did a cover artwork with your portraits. It remains me on Immortal covers too. So, what did you want to express by the cover artwork this time. Is there any link between the lyrics and the cover this time?
Yeah, in a way. Like said about the war-concept; It’s about an executioner who has to shoot prisoners. Through the artworks you can see a wooden pole central behind more portraits. This is the pole where the prisoner has to stand against when he’s being shot. We simply made our best band-photo before that fucking pole. You know how is goes; There are 80 photos and on 79 of them, one of Carach thinks he does not look evil or rotten enough haha Well,… on this one all three of us were satisfied. Erik Wijnands works with us on the artwork-designing. His profession is photography. And we accepted a kind of rule; You should avoid photo-shopping as much as possible. So that band-photo is kind of true that way. We used a band-photo also on our previous album. We liked it so much….We did it again 😀 We try allot of shit with keys and concepts. But on some things we always stay true. Like ghosts and horror in concepts, corpse paint, blastbeats etc. And this band-photo on the front worked twice for us. It is simple, obvious and our faces speak for our album. Like they do in so many other music-cultures. Bam! These fucks have made this shit! 😉 But okey! Twice is enough I think and you can expect something else that stands for the next album.

During 2011 you’ve also released three singles. All these songs were actually re-recording version from your demo if I am not so wrong. Do you plan one day to add these 3 songs as bonus material on one regular record?
Yes! Like said Lammendam will be re-released with 3 extra demo-songs. Re-recorded in 2010 by our live soundman Rob Fox. These songs are: The ghost of Raynham Hall, Sepulchral Disequilibrium & Ethereal Veiled Existence.

As a matter of fact you are now on one bigger and far more serious label. Season of Mist could really provide better promotion for the band. So, is there any hope that soon you get start a proper tour?
Yes we are very glad to work together with Seasons of Mist. The matter in fact; We are negotiating at this time. If there’s any news about that, the site will be updated immediately. Thanks and Cheers, Seregor

Interview was done by Marko Miranovic