CAULDRON Return from the Ruins

Canadian heavy metal trio Cauldron have released their fourth full length In Ruin some weeks ago, and vocalist/bass player Jason Decay was kind enough to answer these questions. Weird twist of fate is the fact that the questions were sent prior to horrible accident that hit Cauldron on their tour with Enforcer so we all want to wish the guys in the band speedy recovery!


Hello Cauldron and welcome to the pages of Metal Sound! How are you guys doing these days?

Thanks for having us, we are doing great! Just back from our North American tour and happy to be alive!

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your new album In Ruin, totally strong effort indeed! How are you satisfied with the album from this perspective, is there something you would do differently now?

Thank you! We are very happy with the record and the response it’s been getting. Like any artist, there are always going to be things you would like to fix or do better but that’s why there is always a next album. We get closer and closer with each album to achieving that pinnacle of where we want to be in terms of songwriting, performance and production and although we will probably never achieve that we will continue to try and hopefully get even closer!

Four years have passed since Tomorrow’s Lost, can you tell us what took you so long? Were you afraid that the break was too long?

Well, In Ruin was actually recorded in 2014 but it took a lot longer this time around to sort out the legalities behind the scene involved with switching record companies etc. For us it was too long, very stressful period for us because we really wanted to be out there but it was beyond our control. We did everything in our power to fight through and move forward and here we are.

I must say that In Ruin seems a bit darker to me than your previous albums. Do you agree with this statement and what caused this change?

Maybe it’s the fact that we switched producers? But I don’t believe it’s any darker than Tomorrow’s Lost, or any other record for that matter except maybe Into The Cauldron. I suppose they are all dark lyrically but one thing I think the new record has more of is depth. It’s more diverse and atmospheric at times, maybe that is what you’re picking up on.

Also the sound picture is a bit different comparing to In Ruin’s predecessor… Please tell us something about the recording process, who has produced the album?

It was recorded in the same studio as the last 2 albums, bed tracks live off the floor as we usually do. The biggest difference would be we produced the album with Chris Stringer. He subbed in for one day on Tomorrow’s Lost and we got along great and since Jameson had become more of a live guy anyway we decided to make In Ruin with Chris. But that being sand, we actually used the songs “Tomorrow’s Lost” and “Autumn Twilight” (from Tomorrow’s Lost) as a reference for what we wanted In Ruin to sound like!

I have already seen a lot of fans saying that In Ruin is your best album ever, so how would you personally rank it in your discography and compare it to your previous efforts?

I would say it is our best album as well. We were really happy with Tomorrow’s Lost and thought we might have a hard time topping that so we made sure to take our time and do it right to make sure we had a proper follow up! And I believe we achieved that.

I see that you have the new label for this album and it seems to me that you are really happy with it… Tell us what caused this change, how are you satisfied with it until now? It seems that your ex label Earache has really gone down the drain.

We are very happy with the change. They [Earache] had a pretty big format shift which we really didn’t fit in with. It didn’t seem like they were very interested in Cauldron anymore and after we saw how they dropped the ball on the last record [Tomorrow’s Lost] we also felt it was time to move on and try something new. It good in the beginning but now we have a fresh start where we feel like we belong with High Roller and The End.

It seems that some people have lumped Cauldron with some silly retro bands in the past and that you have made conscious effort to break out of that wagon with In Ruin, how would you comment upon this statement?

Well, we have always done exactly what we’ve wanted to do regardless of what is considered to be cool and for the most part we have never been cool. If the trends change and come around to Cauldron then fine, but otherwise we will continue to do what we do as fans first and not musicians.

Are you perhaps preparing some videos for the promotion of In Ruin, what can we expect on that field?

Well so far we’ve had the video for No Return which is basically a day in the life of type vid. Next up we have a video for Burning At Both Ends shot on our recent North American tour and then we also have a more conceptual plan for a future Empress video.

If I am right, you have just finished your American tour with Enforcer and Warbringer, how did it go? When can expect to see you guys in Europe?

We finished it 8 days early! I guess you’ve heard by now about our serious bus accident in Texas on the tour that caused us to bow out of our remaining 8 shows but otherwise, up until then it was actually a really good tour. Good turn out, great response, probably the best we’ve ever had in America. We are still trying to figure out a plan for Europe but is probably going to take Ian a good 6 months to heal up from the accident.

I just have to ask you how it was to play Orion music festival led by Metallica, did you have any contact with them and how did that experience go?

It was one of the best shows we ever played and definitely the most hospital festival we’ve ever been a part of. We saw all the guys on separate occasions, usually just riding around on golf carts, haha! It was fun and honestly probably the best paying show we’ve ever done and as Metallica kids we are very grateful to them for that.

That would be all for this time, I would like to wish you all the best and thank you for this chat! Your last message to our readers…

Don’t Stop the Fight, Don’t Die Now!!!!!! Thanks for your support and hope to see you all soon!

  • Answers by Jason Decay
  • Questions by Slobodan Trifunovic