CRADLE OF FILTH Primordial Erotica

Suffolk heavyweights Cradle Of Filth returns totally rejuvenated with their new offering “Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa” on Peaceville to show that their return to form with previous one was no fluke and truly this time they have treated us with one symphonic beast of an album which reminded us on their best days. We have done one chat with master Dani Filth himself and although he was busy as Hell he gave us all needed info.


Cradle Of Filth’s new album ‘’Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa’’ is, I would say masterpiece and it is even more brutal than the previous album. It seems like this one is the missing link between the ‘’Cruelty and Beast’’ and ‘’Midian’’. What have made you to go onward that musical direction?

I think it was crafted as combination from everyone in the band, working around the same idea. It wasn’t planned to turn out this way at all. I think that it came out from the time of the tour, and writing we did back then, and from the talks that we had last year. After we had 4 or 5 songs adjusted, we were able to get into the other songs writing and getting into the concept.

This album is also more melodic than previous record, what can you say about it?
It’s the fact that we had a new keyboardist and the way that she had dressed the concept. The thing about it is that we wanted the keys and guitars to work perfectly together, and also, we wanted to find the way for people to enjoy in concept and feel that this is the metal record, but also to scratch a little bit deeper.

You have new label now, Peaceville that is more independent than Roadrunner, for whom I would say that they limited your artistic expression in the past. Can you give me your comment about this?
I don’t think that they limited… Actually, they turned into the label that searched for ‘’next big hit’’, all these ‘Nickelbacks or new assigns and people that worked there turned off from what spirit of Roadrunner was, and we felt that our last record wasn’t presented in right manner. They wouldn’t let us to go with our thing. Peaceville is very cool, they have cool ideas, like iphone apps and specials fan editions like with 64 pages booklet. It’s cool.

I must notice that in the first time of COF history you don’t have intro on the album, why is that?
I don’t know…we like to do different things from album to album. We don’t want to people expect the same thing on every album. On next album we will surely do intro, as it would be a very strong concept, but again, we don’t want to become so much repetitive. Lyrically, this album is about Lillith, black magic practicing, middle ages tyranny, and also dark ages tyranny. On the next album we will have a lot of different changes, so, that’s why we haven’t intro now.

You’ve just mentioned this lyrical background of the new album, can you explain a little bit more…it’s about Lillith. If I’m not wrong she incarnated into some body on earth…
The original story about Lillith is that she co-operated with the Devil and the Serpent, and then she gave birth to the demon as it the Lillith too. Story goes around the Oracle and Lillith, templar orders, death and sex, and parallel universes. With all of its values, we wanted to make this story more cinematic.

Lyrics of COF are playing the big role…
I think everything plays big role, artwork, lyricism, music, production. It is all working as big thing together. And we are doing it, as best as we can do.

Also, I would like to ask you about your favorite writers. Obviously, you are influenced by Lovecraft, Bram Stocker… please, tell me something about it?
Yes. I’m very interested in XIX century horror writers, and that’s what I really like, but yet I’m also interested in Clive Burker and H.P. Lovecraft. And yes, I’m a big horror fan in general, and I like it in particular, that style, the way they’ve being brutal, the combination of love and death, sex and death, sex and violence, and that do I think nature of horror stories I suppose.

But let’s get back on to the new album, as digipack version of the album contains one bonus CD with 4 bonus tracks which are very good and on the same level as complete material, why these tracks weren’t included as regular part of the album?
We didn’t want to make album so long. We already decided to be 11 tracks record. These 4 songs were already extra tracks, yes, they were recorded in same time as these 11 songs, but they weren’t part of the concept.

You have the video clip for the ‘’Forgive me mother I have sinned’’ and these track is completely different to other tracks I must say, ‘’Forgive me father’’ is more guitar based for example. Why did you choose this track for video?
It isn’t massively different, but for the video we always choose the catchiest track. And comparing to others, this one was more commercial, more heavy metal, chorus based, and record company felt that it would be a good single. And secondly, like few more songs on the album, it was short enough and not to be edited, like we had to do with the videos in the past. These videos were to be cut, and I don’t like doing it. We are already shooting a second video which we’re doing in second week of January.
If I’m not wrong, you got yourself a title of Lord, and you are voted to be a Suffolk icon, what can you tell us about that experience, are you able to stand besides the Witchfinder general?
I don’t know, it started a little bit as joke, really. Yet, people can still vote for me as Suffolk icon of; I don’t know why they did that. I think that it’s when Olympics come to London. There would be a lot of journalists, and I think that by that way they want to show the entire interesting people resident in Suffolk. And it’s kind of cool that I’m No.

Why the word ‘’Darkly’’ is used twice in the title of the album? I can sense some sort of black humor but please can you explain that?
It represents the goddess of lust as also the goddess of love, and she’s just opposite to Venus, and Venus is also the medical term used in XIX century for anal sex, and title ‘’Darkly, Darkly’’ in poetical term represent a mantra, a spell and it fits well with the iconography of the album cover.

As I’m the old time fan of the band, can you tell me about the production work on ‘’Cruelty and the Beast’’. I know that you, back in the day hated it, but to me it gives something special to the album’s atmosphere…?
I didn’t hated it, but the way Nicolas played the drums, it just was too much sharp, and it toped all the basses and guitars, and it was very thin, so, that was my main problem, and when we went off for the remixes, we had more accent on the guitars and bass.

Also, very interesting fact is that you’ll release an orchestral album ‘’Midnight in the Labyrinth’’. Give us something on that a little bit, it would be interesting record after all…?
It’s gonna be great, and we started working on it before we worked on this album. It’s based on the tracks from first four releases, which we interpreted into totally cinematic orchestral pieces in vein of soundtrack of horror movie. But also, it gonna have one proper Cradle track on it, that we already written, but it’s gonna be great. I know it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea of orchestral music. But I think that lot of the people would appreciate it also, and I am promising to you that would be brilliant.

I would like to hear your comment about maybe most controversial COF album ‘’Tornography’’. After all, album recalls many mixed reactions. What would you say?
I think it’s great, it’s different, and we felt very good in that time. I like the album, but I know that also some people loved it and some hated it.

Last question. COF were into the vampires in the beginning and I’m from Serbia. Did you know that the only word from Serbian language is used in English, Vampir=Vampire?
Yes. That’s cool. It was pleasure for giving this interview. Cheer-io!

Answers by Dani Filth
Interview was done by Slobodan Trifunovic and Marko Miranovic