CREMATORY Tears of Time

crematory2010_1Legendary issues like ‘’Illusions”, “ Awake” and “Act Seven’’ are more than decade behind the Crematory. I have no doubt that these glorious albums and days will never return again, but yet I am always curious to check some new material from so beloved Crematory. These Goth Germans have always delivered us some quality efforts, the music with such a strong emotional vibe. This was the case since their beginning. Obviously, I am not so much into their newer phase but ‘’Infinity’’, their latest record, seems to be worth of checking out.
Hi Markus! How are you doing these days? Hope everything going well!
Hi Marko! Everything is fine. A bit stressful in the last weeks preparing the upcoming tour but it is business as usual. Thanks.

”Infinity” is Crematory’s new issue. I have just checked it few times. It sounds definitely more Heavier and even more bombastic, comparing to some of your previous records, but it have still a vibe of doom-like atmosphere so characteristic for Crematory. What’s your view on your newest record? Do you share my point of view?
You are right. Our target settings for “INFINITY” were faster, louder, darker, harder as before. That’s what we planned and finally did. I think it is the best we ever recorded. It is definitely our masterpiece. We have always tried to keep on developing our music without losing our roots and we are proud that our songs are recognized as a CREMATORY-composing quiet fast by our fans.

One thing is for sure – new album has definitely great and groovy production. Where did you record ”Infinity” and who was the producer this time?
We worked in the same line-up as on the last albums “KLAGEBILDER” and “PRAY”. The recording took place in Kristian „Kohle“ Kohlmannslehner’s Studio “Kohlekeller”. It is like being at home when we get there to record our stuff.

New issue has some really strong songs and also there are few more peaceful ones. This mentioned combination has become a kind of trademark when it comes to your music. Do you have any particular favorites from ”Infinity”?
As “INFINITY” is a brilliant album it is difficult for me to pick out one song. It is like asking a father which of his children is his favourite. But to answer your question: “INFINITY”, “SENSE OF TIME” and “AUF DER FLUCHT” are kind of my favourite songs.

You decided to do one special cover track for your newest effort. We are talking about song ”Black Celebration” – originally coming from Depeche Mode. Whose choice or idea was to make a cover for this track? Also, so far you have done two more covers – it was an interesting version of ”One” obviously from Metallica and ”Temple of Love” which was a kind of club hit (and still it is).
We decided to cover this song because Depeche Mode is one of my favourite Bands and “Black Celebration” one of their best songs and we had a great idea to create a catchy Rock’n Roll version with a typical CREMATORY-touch of it. Indeed we have covered the other two songs too and one of them, Temple of Love, is still one of the club hits that are still often played in clubs.

I haven’t got a chance to check out your lyrics for ”Infinity” but I’m very curious about what they are dealing with. Please, can you write few words and explain the story behind the lyrics? Lyrics-wise I think that emotional approach was always the main part and inspiration when it comes to Crematory. Did any of your lyrics have some sort of Christian background?
First of all it would take too much time to explain all the lyrics, because each song stands for its own as INFINITY is no concept-album. The second thing is that the lyrics are written by Felix our singer. He only knows what has inspired him writing the lyrics. I don’t think that any of our songs has a Christian background.

Do you have any plans for a kind of bigger tour when it comes to promotional issue for the new full-length? I have just seen some dates on your website but they are all fixed for some German-based festivals. So, is there any show outside German border, maybe in Austria?
As our upcoming tour that will support the album INFINITY is still being planned I can’t tell you exactly where we will play shows. But I can tell you that we are trying to appear all around Europe.

Who has written most of the material for the new album? How the process of composing actually goes in the band? It seems that keyboards will always have this sort of major role in your music.
The composing team was our producer Kristian „Kohle“ Kohlmannslehner, our guitarist Matze an me, The lyrics where written like always by our singer Felix. The keyboards have always been a part of our style and we have been developing the sounds since we started.

In 2011 there will be 20 Years Anniversary since Crematory was formed. What sort of surprise are you aiming to spread among your fans all over the world? If I am correct, you’re planning to release one best of together with DVD.
Yes you are right. We are working on a greatest hits CD and DVD that will be released in February 2011. It will contain a lot of unreleased video-stuff as well as our best songs, as well as a lot of surprises for our fans. We are also planning a huge tour that will accompany the greatest hits CD and DVD and will also contain some surprises.

Aside of regular version of ”Infinity” are there going to be any kind of special edition like digi-pack or LP containing some bonus track(s) or any sort of extended material?
INFINITY is available as jewel-case, digi-pack and also as limited edition box that contain a limited t-shirt, a patch, a poster and a postcard.

Some of your records, like ”Illusions” and ”Awake”, by passing of time became a cult issues within genre. Also, particular track ‘‘Tears of Time” is still a great nostalgic hit that brings so much emotions back. What is your opinion – which album was the most important in Crematory’s discography and which period was the most productive one?
Each album we have released has been our most successful work at its time. We are lucky to be able to say that with each release we do we get more successful. But ‘’Tears of Time’’ is our most successful song. And I think it is impossible for us to compose a song that will reach the status ‘’Tears of Time’’ has.

In the early beginnings Crematory was more focused on doom elements, in the middle part of your discography and surly the most productive one, there was always this sort of the vibe of doom but more with Gothic-like elements. Now you are aiming for more modern sound, trying to keep some elements from past. What is the most consistent element in Crematory’s music though out all these years?
The most consistent element is the band. We have only had two changes in our history and this is a long time ago. This makes it easy to continue compose songs in the typical CREMATORY-sound without losing our roots. As I told before: we have always tried to develop our music keeping our own style.

Are you still in any kind of contact with your past member Lotte? What has happened with him? Why did you part after ”Awake”? Was he involved in any band after Crematory? I think that he has published only one issue with his own group The Sculpture, but it was more then a decade ago…
I don’t know what he did after leaving CREMATORY. After he left we continued doing our job without taking care of what he was doing. I haven’t heard anything of him personally since them.

I would like to thank you for your answers, time and especially for your great music thought out all these years!I hope that I will finally have a chance to see you somewhere on the stage. Until that time I wish you all the best. Any last words?
My last words are dedicated to our fans. They decide how big a band gets. And our fans have always supported us perfectly! We need to thank them for everything they have done for us! We hope to see them all on our upcoming tour!

  • Answers by Markus Jüllich
    Interview by Marko Miranović