CUT UP Wherever They May Rot

348196-empAs the old saying goes, strike the iron while it is hot. Death merchants Cut Up obviously follow that as they have just unleashed the second album entitled Wherever They May Rot as the success of their debut Forensic Nightmares is still fresh and the name is circulating in the underground. As most of you probably know, Cut Up rose from the ashes of sadly deceased Vomitory and we can also look at this band as the continuation of that cult troop as the music is very similar and they have two members of Vomitory in their ranks. If you have heard their previous band you can know what to expect from Cut Up: even though they are from Sweden their sound do not share that much with their trademark homeland scene apart some riffs here and there. The overall presentation is much more brutal and fast, with lots of blasting sections and I can add here that this album is even faster than its predecessor. It is obvious that Cut Up is hungry for blood and it is good trend to see, considering that majority of death metal bands become softer with age… but not these guys! They are here to simply pummel you with aggressive yet comprehensible death metal, it is not here to reinvent the wheel but rather to bring the quality that some people still crave for. The production is done by Dan Swano who blessed the album with raw but still comprehensible sound so the whole product is just like used to get from these guys already. With some hard working tours and more releases like this one, I think that Cut Up can easily take Vomitory’s place on the scene so if you have liked those guys you can check out Wherever They May Rot without hesitation.

  • Metal Blade Records CD
  • Zvonko Savic (8)