pro_187_-_darkher_-_realms_2Darkher is still very enigmatic name on the metal scene and I will immediately say that behind this moniker hides Jayn H. Wissenberg who is responsible for all the music and lyrics on her musical offerings. If mention of one woman singer songwriter metal output reminds you of Myrkur I will tell you right away that you are not entirely there, as even though both girls thread similar paths of dark metal Jayn is not nearly a victim of such hype as Myrkur and the music is different after all. I met the name Darkher on 2014’s EP The Kingdom Field where Jayn has mixed various darker genres to obtain wanted result. One can hear that she has made certain changes on Realms and for the better I would say as the album is more metal than preceding EP (I cannot lie, that is cool in my book). I would say that Realms is some sort of combination of neo folk and doom metal, with large gothic overtones and even doses of black metal darkness thrown in for a good measure. On top of everything, as expected, comes Jayn’s haunting voice which leads the entire story and ties everything together in one blend that is hard to resist is you are into atmospheric music. What is most successful feature of this album? It is its ability to grip you into its claws and get into its vibe, and even though I would say that I somehow feel that Jayn is still searching for her sound overall picture is positive. When one really delves deep into the album, you can hear that some musical arrangements are somewhat sloppy but I can tell for sure that we will get even better things from Darkher in the future and this is just a warm up for Jayn. In the same time, Realms is cool release of emotional and dark metal so if you are into said genre you can check out this album. I will eagerly keep my eyes on Darkher and wait what will future bring…

  • Prophecy Productions CD
  • Slobodan Trifunovic (7)