IMG_1337I have a confession to make: Mercyful Fate is my favorite band. When we got that out of the way at the very beginning, you will forgive me if I am little biased in this review but I cannot help myself as at least part of Fate is back on the scene, this way or another. Godly guitar duo of Mercyful Fate Michael Denner and Hank Shermann reunited for recording of Youtube videos in order to celebrate Mercyful Fate anniversary and they found their old chemistry back again. Creative juices started to flow instantly so they have assembled line up for this new project aptly titled Denner / Shermann: old friend from Fate days Snowy Shaw is playing drums, Marc Grabowsky (ex-Demonica) is on bass but I can hear you asking the most important question: who is doing the vocals? King Diamond was such an integral part of Mercyful Fate’s sound that he is irreplaceable but I must say that Sean Peck is not a good choice in my opinion. He is famous for his work in American HM band Cage where I first met him and he did not amaze me in his band, let alone in this fantastic company. Peck is using standard by the book heavy metal delivery but he does not possess any punch so everything turns out absolutely average and unremarkable – I must say that this is my opinion alone, obviously Denner and Shermann found something in him that I do not, but I would like to hear someone else in this band, as simple as that. Moving onto the other topics, it is obvious that these gentlemen wanted to relive classic Mercyful Fate vibe – they have started their career with 4 track EP, the themes for lyrics are demonic as ever and Thomas Holm, the man responsible for Melissa and Oath covers, is employed to do one more iconic image for this occasion. When it comes to music, this is the standard no frills affair that you would expect from the people involved meaning that we are dealing here with straight fucking heavy metal filled to the brim with killer riffs and tons of solo work. Absolutely no complaints on that behalf but Mr Peck takes away so much of my attention that I even find hard to concentrate on the actual music found on Satan’s Tomb. All in all, the most important thing is that Denner and Shermann are back on the metal scene proving that they still have plenty of life inside and I just hope that this project will inspire them to do what we want the most: Mercyful Fate reunion, dammit!

  • Metal Blade Records EP
  • Trifunovic Slobodan